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All that is needed going forward

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  • All that is needed going forward

    Play simple football yes simple football.

    Meaning don't get pass happy and give up on the run too early as we normally do.

    Balance on offense - yes anyone can do this as all you have to do is just commit yourself to running the ball. Especially with nicks possibly out the pass game just wont be as effective. Remember Panthers game ?. complete balance.

    We had the ball at midfield all game pretty much vs eagles and we were our worst enemies with bad play calling and deep passing plays whereas simple dump offs and more runs could have put us in FG situations. Instead we were getting in 3rd and longs and eventually punting and coming away empty.

    Defense at least we stopped opposing wrs from getting behind our secondary but now we dont know how to contain or tackle properly. Keep it simple.

    we will be alright going forward but we need to get healthy and keep it simple.

    Also we need some toughness on this team, how many times do we see Tuck shake his head with disgust or puts his head down. Man if I were on this team I would be screaming at them.

    Get it together get er going.

    Lets beat on the brownies and go into Sanfran and steal that game.

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    About the only thing i can agree with watching last nights Dallas game, is they said, we have to stick to 'Simple Football'

    and i agree, football is becoming exotic, over analyzed and overly scripted

    Bronco's have code words for code words that are coded, the Giants have one of the hardest offenses to pick up ( yet it's become predictable at times)