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Giants' roster power rankings: Rating the Giants from 1 - 53, Week 5

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  • Giants' roster power rankings: Rating the Giants from 1 - 53, Week 5

    Excerpt: "
    Here are this week's New York Giants' roster power rankings. If you haven't seen these before, each week we rank Giants' players from 1-53.

    The results are cumulative and based mostly on this season's body of work. A player's past accomplishments are also weighed into their ranking, but the most important factor is the overall contribution to this season's Giants' team.

    1. Eli Manning -- Not his best work Sunday night against the Eagles, but he is still the best and most important Giant. LW: 1

    2. Victor Cruz -- Caught nine passes against the Eagles, abusing rookie Brandon Boykin. LW: 2

    3. Jason Pierre-Paul -- Drops a slot this week. Cruz had a dominant game against the Eagles. JPP had a pedestrian one. LW: 2

    4. Michael Boley -- Moves here by default, really. With Hakeem Nicks missing the last two games, and no one really stepping up as a dominant player, I don't know what else to do here. LW: 6

    5. Antrel Rolle -- Not sure his performance really adds up to ranking him this high. Again, though, not sure what else to do here. LW: 7" Read more...
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