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Wasn't Baas a OG/C in his 49ers days? Move Boothe to C and Baas to LG?

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    Have to say both Booth and Baas were getting bull rushed by the Eagles DTs. They need to really look at that matchup, Bradshaw was getting hit in the backfield. Can't gain anything if you can't even get to the line of scrimmage!


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      Originally posted by NYG4lifeNYK View Post
      Seems like the most logical move to make since Baas isn't really doing a great job at center.

      Anyone know if he played primarily Center or Guard?

      I'm sure the coaches discussed this already but no reason why we can't.

      Baas hasn't played terrible but it would be nice to get an upgrade there and Boothe is one of our best O-linemen. Can Baas handle the LG position?
      I think Baas played guard mostly for the 49ers until the center at the time(Heitmann) got hurt and put on IR. The 49ers moved Baas him from LG to C, which he played for 1 season before becoming a FA? He played some RG in 2006/2007 when the RG for the 49ers at the time(Justin Smiley) went down with an injury.

      I believe he played guard mostly in college, but moved to center in his senior season at Michigan.