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gm management + Idea for offense

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  • gm management + Idea for offense

    Dont give up on the Run, 42 pass plays and 19 run plays ????? I am sure this pleases Killdrive.

    Game management -- I have been complaining about this subject for years and ppl thought I was crazy, the reason why most ppl didnt clue into this is because we were able to overcome these issues over the years and heck win a couple of SB's.

    prime Example, a couple of years ago we played the eagles and we were 1st and goal and at the 5 yard line with less than 2 mins left before the half. (I will never forget this gm management gaffe ever) They ran 3 straight passes took no time off the clock and settled for 3 points, it doesnt end there, with 3 straight in- completions the eagles had over a minute to come back with a FG before the half and give them confidence in a game they were being outplayed.

    Pass Happy !!!

    another example when leading close games in 4 qt, I constantly see Eli hut the ball with 8 secs left on play clock ??? why not 1 sec ?. How does a NFL team and NFL HOF coach not see this ?

    Coaches need to look themselves in the mirror too when it comes to game management ,

    For offense

    Don't give up on the RUN, stop with the 30 yards down the field all the time ?? If we had Nicks and not going against a ferocious D line like the eagles sure, but to constantly go for long pass plays that are so low % is beyond me.

    Lets spread things out some going long some crossing, curling etc. Also you have to bring Wilson back into the mix. I know ppl are down on him and maybe the coaches. But seeing his KR's must have boosted his confidence and its time to ride this kid. Bring in or design some packages for him. Get him 10 touches a game.

    I see Minny use Harvin for various roles, I see Saints use Sproles in various roles. Why cant we use Wilson more. This is why we drafted him right ??

    We brought him out in 1 pro set with bradshaw and ran a play right into the middle of the defense. Get the guy a couple of screens and swing passes, toss sweeps etc. Counters vs eagles would have been good or shotgun delay handoffs to him.

    Me personally during that last drive vs eagles, I would have brought Wilson in the backfield, I know ppl think that would be bad. I would have handed the ball off to him on dive plays. Or sneak him out on a circle or something. Bradshaw doesnt strike fear in the mind of the defenders. I still love Bradshaw thou but clearly Wilson can create mis matches.

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    Everyone was *****ing at killdrive when he kept running the ball against Dallas while we were getting killed by slants through the second half...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.