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Beatty This Past Week And Moving Forward

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    Originally posted by joemorrisforprez View Post
    Beatty has done a good job.

    The problem with Gilbride's pass-happy approach is that it doesn't do anything to slow down guys like Cole and Babin. These lineman want to go on the attack every once in a while with some run-blocking.

    How can you blame Gilbride for the Giants passing the ball more. Our running game stinks, and was being carried by an often injured Andre Brown. Beatty is a left tackle and was picked very high....I dont care if a franchise QB like Eli dropped back 40 times...thats no excuse for Beatty. We will run the ball more when our interior linemen gets some push, Bradshaw would stop running like an old man, and if David Wilson can get his head out of his rear end. Blame Reese, Gilbride is doing the best he can with the talent he has on the roster....When u have a QB like Eli and to draft Beatty high then we better be passing the ball if our running situation aint working out.
    " In Reese to Sign a Bust"


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      Originally posted by GMEN023 View Post
      I just found this link on ESPN. It's under the NFC East blog and was pretty eyeopening about Beatty this past weekend. It was mostly positive about him and went pretty in depth. It's encouraging since Beatty was not very good last year and I had my doubts about him. But if he plays like this last weekend against Trent Cole then I think he can bulid off that and perform well the rest of the season.

      You are absolutely wrong about him not being very good last year. Like most of our linemen, he needed to improve in certain areas, and was on his way there before the eye injury. I'm feeling better and better about him each and every week.