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Philly Loss in Perspective

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    Unfortunately there have been to many would have could have games against the Eagles. The Eagles have won something like 17 of the last 25 meetings including eliminating the Giants from the playoffs the last two times they met in the post season. They just own the Giants.


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      Originally posted by bigblue58 View Post
      We should have kicked the winning FG when we had the chance END OF STORY!
      Tom (play the percentages) Coughlin picked a hell of a time to NOT play it safe for the first time in his life!
      I think this is very important as a point to take away because it was unlike Coughlin to call the end of the game the way he did and I was SHOCKED to see we didn't kick the FG earlier or at least play for better field position.

      We could've won easily if we didn't have some ridiculous and uncharacteristic mistakes like Eli's interception in the end-zone. Maybe not so uncharacteristic but I'd like to think it is, these days.

      Anyway I think we will come back roaring and ready to explode especially on the DLine.