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Should Tuck go to DT today

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  • Should Tuck go to DT today

    I just saw on espn that rocky isout and considering hes been one of our best dt this year we may be pretty out of luck. Austin has played like trash all year and Kuhn isnt exactly turning heads. In another thread someone was mentioning how ehn Tuck got good a lot of his good play came from DT. I think we should put him back there and see if it might not work out. Just a thought but we are so injury depleted right now Im not so sure what might work haha

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      tuck is an excellent pass rushing DT. when u start putting him there vs the run, he can be exploited. tough situation we have today with the DT/secondary issues. Hopefully Rolle can go bc he's questionable. if he cant go our run D AND pass D will be severely underhanded and a W will depend upon our O (not a new thing I know its just Clevelands D aint nothing to sneeze at)