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Next Week Will Be Hostile

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    Originally posted by GiantWarfare View Post
    I know scheduling is predetermined but I'm still miffed that we have to go to the Stick yet again to face that team. 3 straight meetings at SF. They should be playing us at Giants Stadium this year. Oh well, we'll just have to take care of business on the road again.
    Look at it this way, we have plenty of experience there.
    No one remembers who came in second.


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      These guys are Eagle fans in red and gold
      8-Time NFL Champions - 1927 1934 1938 1956 1986 1990 2007 2011

      "You win close games because you're prepared to do it. It doesn't just come down to luck." -- Bill Parcells


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        Originally posted by GiantWarfare View Post
        PWillis and Frank Gore are the only Niners I like and respect (aside from MM and Jacobs of course). And if I recall, I saw the piece on PWillis a while back. He's an awesome guy, had it rough as a kid but turned out to be as classy a player there is, easy to root for guys like that.
        You should add Justin Smith, Navarro Bowman, and Aldon Smith to your list. Those dude's are playmakers on defense.


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          I feel like the niners are that one 'elite' team that we match up great against. Kind of how the eagles just match up extremely well against us.

          We will go our there with our decent run game and quick Eli looks. Our offense will keep us in the game while the defense grinds it out.

          I think if we dont win, it will be very close. less than a 6 point win for either team IMO.

          oh and btw: I love you Jacobs and Manningham, just please no big days Sunday!!


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            Originally posted by Overdrive92 View Post
            Wow, just read through this thread at the Niners message board.


            Wow, they are hostile. The Stick is going to be loud and incredibly hostile next week. We are going walking into EXTREMELY hostile, hateful, agressive territory. Any Giants fans going to this game, please be careful.
            LOL These are my favorites:

            "I associate them with the death of my childhood by ending the 3 peat and injuring Montana. I've always hated the Giants. Equal to the Cowboys"

            "yea i expect a close game too , eli is the best QB in the nfl , him alone is enough for them sometimes. i say we win though, hope im wrong about it being close and we blow em out though but doubt it with eli."

            "Eli definitely is best in the NFL. People don't want to admit it but it's true. Will be interesting to see what Cruz does without nicks, and with Hixon. Even with Nicks, a downgrade from Manningham.

            Although the interesting x-factor is their new TE Martellus Bennett. They have Andre brown and David Wilson in place of Jacobs to go along with Bradshaw. Not a terrifying rushing attack IMO if we controlled CJ spiller and Fred Jackson today, and AP in our loss.

            Giants fans treat Eli like we used to with Montana -- always in the game. It's time we out enough points to one dimensional use the b*****d and get some picks.

            We shall prevail!"

            Oh, the bitterness.....

            I love when these two teams are playing well. It makes for some great football. It's gonna be a tough, grind-it-out type of game. We need guys like Hosley, Rivers, and Nicks back for this one.


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              To the post above.... One of your quotes a guy said
              "...even with Nicks, a downgrade from Manningham"

              Since when is Mario better than Hakeem???? Cmon niners fans I know you guys are a smart bunch please show it


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                Originally posted by CowboysSuck View Post
                To the post above.... One of your quotes a guy said
                "...even with Nicks, a downgrade from Manningham"

                Since when is Mario better than Hakeem???? Cmon niners fans I know you guys are a smart bunch please show it
                Yeah, I was just about to post that again. Either that guy is clueless about Nicks or he's really drinking that Manningham koolaid out there. And I love the respect Eli is getting all over the league.


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                  Originally posted by GiantWarfare View Post
                  I'll go even further and say they're a great team.

                  And they very well might win this game (perhaps even handily) but as I'm sure we've all seen and witnessed by now, when we bring our A-game, there's not a team we can't beat.

                  We tend to play to the level of our opponents, and despite me wishing this game was at our house, we do tend to play better on the road so hopefully we get the fearsome playoffs version of the Giants instead of the lackadaisical in-flux version of the Giants.
                  Oh ye of little faith........if anyone is getting handled this coming weekend its going to be the 49rs. You give too much credit to a team that got "handled" by the average Cardinals. Its very very tough to beat the Giants by more than 7 points. After two close games with the 49rs, I think our coaches have seen enough of them to put them through the meatgrinder. If they had a real pro type QB it might be close.........they do not. I hope the Giants pop him good when he takes off, as he inevitably will

                  It will be a tough physical game, but I think the Giants players have had this one circled on their calendars after the beating Eli took last year.


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                    If we break a few big plays and SF's offense is playing from behind 10+ points...its game over.

                    Less Frank Gore = More Alex Smith = Giants success


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                      This game is going to have so much build up. I am SO amped up for this game, 2 powerhouse teams coming to do battle. Hopefully we come away with the W. We need to stop the run and somehow (I can't believe I've actually had to question this) pressure Smith. The 49ers smoked 2 terrible teams these past 2 weeks, I'm hoping they're in for a rude awakening.


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                        i realize fans dont play the game but the enthusiasm does carry over to the team that does play the game!

                        their posts indicate over confidence and total disregard for the superbowl champs coming to their house!

                        the Giants are no pushovers and imo will go in there and further destroy their thoughts of victory!


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                          Thanks for that was hillarious
                          Through their Bravado you could see the knees knocking, and finger nail biting

                          I will take great pleasure in going back to their board after we rip them up and drag their team up and down the field.

                          Apparently like us their pass rush has disappeared.....that was their only hope to beat us. Eli will eat them alive.
                          I am really looking forward to this one

                          Loved the reference to the time we destroyed their 3 peat and sent Montana to the hospital........apparently they truly hate us.
                          Interesting they equate us solely with they have any concept of what state we play in? LOL


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                            Lol aw how cute. They're mad.
                            Mood: WOOF!


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                              Originally posted by Rudyy View Post
                              Lol aw how cute. They're mad.

                              I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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                                I see that some niners fans called Eli best in the league. Despite all the understandable hate their spewing, the Gmen will take them out.