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The biggest problem with our Dline is their attitude

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  • The biggest problem with our Dline is their attitude

    JPP is frustrated, Osi is more concerned about talking to the media about our opponents, while Tuck is wallowing in his own depression. The reality is that JPP is getting schemed against more because Tuck/Osi aren't getting pressure and can be handled easily by the opponents Oline, they don't need to double them.So to Tuck & Osi..."talk is cheap, play the game"

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    Not sure that is the problem....


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      I do not agree. I have been saying for a couple offseasons now that Osi should have been traded(too late now.)

      I do not say this because of his contract problems but because of the way he plays football. He is a speed rusher. He uses his quickness and speed to get around guys. He very much reminds me of a former Buc's DE Simeon Rice. Both are upfield rushers who used speed to dominate slower tackles.

      There have been a number of great speed rushers over the years but I used Simeon as an example for a reason. Look at how his career ended.

      In 2005 he was on top of the world. He has 40 tackles, 14 sacks and an Int.

      In 2006 he has 18 tackles and 2 sacks.

      In 2007 he was cut by multiple teams.

      My point is that speed rusher do not go slowly, they vanish into thin air. Unlike technique rushers (Strahan) or even Bull Rushers, Speed rushers are renderd obsolete the moment they lose than 1st step. Once a speed rusher hits 30+ years old, you are risking not just losing some production, but losing everything.

      Anyone who has watched this team in recent years knows how fast Osi was off the ball....until this year. There is a noticable difference in his 1st step and I know I am not the only 1 who sees it.