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Props to the Offensive Line

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  • Props to the Offensive Line

    It is time for EVERY Giants fan to show some love to the @Giants Offensive Line. For a line that has been absolutely DESTROYED all summer, it is not only playing well this season, it is played at the top of the NFL.

    Eli Manning has been sacked less than any QB that has started 5 games so far this season with only 4 sacks. To give you an idea just how good that is. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady has been sacked 21 times, 12 times respectively.

    The Giants are averaging the 6th most rushing yards per attempt in the NFL, compared to last in the NFL last season.
    The offensive line has given Eli Manning enough time this season so that he is 2nd in NFL in passing yards. Obviously Eli Manning gets more of the credit on this point, but without the time to throw, those numbers would not be close to what they are right now.

    Give it up for Will Beatty, Kevin Boothe, David Baas, Chris Snee, & Sean Locklear!!!

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    They definitely have improved over last year. I'm wondering how much of it is finally getting Beatty healthy, how much of it is Bennett giving us a huge boost to our blocking, and how much of it was everyone playing well together.

    0 sacks vs the eagles says it all...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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      indeed, I remember somebody made a thread last week calling them terrible because the run game wasn't utilized against the birds. the o-line has been great this season.


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        Everyone will have their complaints. They don't get many penalties, they are opening up running gaps and proecting Eli. I think the addition of Bennett is huge in he blocking aspect and the line playing multiple games together has made them a unit! Great job OL!