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The running game v. the 49ers

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  • The running game v. the 49ers

    The offensive line did a great job v. the Browns yesterday, and to his credit, Bradshaw had a great day.

    I've been a frequent Bradshaw critic, and frankly, didn't think he had that sort of performance left in his tank. I've never been happier to be wrong.

    D'Qwell Jackson's absence might have had something to do with the success of the running game....he got banged up in the 2nd quarter, and after he left, Cleveland's run defense pretty much collapsed. I'm not saying he's the main reason that Bradshaw piled up his yards, but it was a factor, IMO.

    Prior to the Cleveland game, I thought that the main problem with the running game was not the offensive line. I thought the offensive line was doing fine, as evidenced by what Andre Brown was able to do when Bradshaw was injuried. I thought the main problem rested with Bradshaw's tendency to bail on his blockers and not run the play as it was drawn up. Yesterday, the blocking was exceptional, the holes were there, and Bradshaw rolled.

    Fast forward to next week.....

    I don't think we can compare a healthy 49er defense to a Browns defense minus D'Qwell Jackson. If the holes are there at all, they will likely be smaller, and will close quicker.

    I hope Andre Brown is back next week. And I think that given how tough the 49er defense is, it would make sense to rotate the backs to keep them fresh, and also to see if one back's is more effective to the other, and ride that hot hand accordingly.

    Will it be Bradshaw's experience and tenacity?
    Andre Brown's forward lean and ability to break tackles?
    David Wilson's speed?

    I'm guessing that Bradshaw is going to get the majority of the work. I think it's still a trust thing, and given the 49er's style of play, Coughlin will stick with a veteran he trusts.

    However, if Coughlin gets all 3 backs running, I wouldn't be surprised if David Wilson is the most effective. He only saw 2 carries, but when a gaping hole emerged for him, he blow threw it like a rocket, for a 40 yard TD.

    That might be the difference maker v. the 49ers.....a back that can exploit daylight that might only flash open for a moment.....and the ability to bust one. If the Giants get 100 yards v. the 49ers, it might be in a few huge chunks.
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    I know you won't like what I have to say, but against that defense no team runs well and they will play Bradshaw more because he is their best blocking RB.


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      Brown has a concussion confirmed by Coughlin today, he won't be playing Sunday vs the 9ers. I am very high on Wilson and believe he has all the talent to be a major game changer once he calms down a bit. His speed is off the chains. I'm extremely curious to see how Coughlin uses him this Sunday.


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        if Brown cant go then Wilson will be a factor for us. lets hope hes the one who scored that 40 yard td yesterday. that td may be the thing that turns this guy into "beasthood".


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          I am not a big fan of switching rb's the whole game. Anyone can see that a rb needs to get into rhythm too and as the game progresses I think the running back starts to see the holes better and the other defense wears down. I think who ever starts, and it will be Bradshaw, just keep feeding him until he breaks out. Especially against the 49ers it is not time to experiment with Wilson. We all saw last year when Eli was destroyed by that front 4 and that was with Bradshaw blocking. I don't mean Wilson shouldn't get any touches but they are going to have to be very limited this week against an aggressive 49ers defense.
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