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    yeah i know it doesnt matter in terms of play responsibility. but i believe that in the post that u erased the context of that statement, i stated that he aligned to rolles side, and the route developed on rolles side. which is then easy to understand how brown could have lost sight of his responsibility. it was browns gaffe, but i can understand why he made it. sometimes the S can get an int when doing what he did, we just didnt have coverage on Gordon.
    Thats why i guess i said overall it was really just a good play call that caught us off guard, and thats why i put some blame to rolle as wasnt like rolle was trailing him by 10 yds, he was pretty much a step or two trailing the entire way really...but i know the alignment presnap doesnt matter in terms of what the defensive responsibilities are...


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      Well players dont usually make mistakes for poor reasons, either they dont get the play properly, or they dont realize what they should be doing.

      Rolle never gained on him because the WR bent the route outwards away from him, Rolle had a lot of ground to make up, plus Rolle could not originally just forget about his assignment and run over to help stevie brown out.


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          Just talked to a former nfl DB. (Matt Bowen) he looked at the second passing TD and agreed that was Stevie Browns fault.

          So Brown was solely responsible for both passing TDs allowed.