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    Strahan use to steal his lunch money.

    “Basically just stay with your man,” cornerback Janoris Jenkins said. “Follow him everywhere you go. Even if he goes to the bathroom, follow him.”


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      Originally posted by GiantsYanks View Post
      Not that I put much weight into the power rankings but does this guy have some sort of grudge against us? I remember him picking against them in the playoffs and now his power rankings he continually puts them way below the other voters. This week he has them at 14? I mean really? Like Skip Bayless and his Cowboys connection was this guy a beat writer for another divisional team prior?
      I like it when the Giants don't get any media respect (as long as they're winning and making the media look like *****...)


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        Originally posted by TheEnigma View Post
        Here's how I guess he (Clayton) possibly sees things

        Steelers - Beat better teams (Eagles)

        Vikings - Better record, beat better teams (49ers)

        Cowboys - Beat us

        Bears - Better record, beat better teams (Cowboys)

        Eagles - Beat us, beat better teams (Ravens)

        Bengals - Not sure what he sees with this one honestly

        Cardinals - Better record, beat better teams (Eagles). Probably not going to last much longer.

        Seahawks - Beat better teams (Cowboys, Packers)

        Ravens - Better record, beat better teams (Patriots)
        Clayton's a freakin' genius I'm telling you.
        No one remembers who came in second.