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Giants' Roster Power Rankings: Rating Giants form 1 - 53, week 6

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  • Giants' Roster Power Rankings: Rating Giants form 1 - 53, week 6

    Excerpt: "
    It is time for this week's New York Giants roster power rankings, where we rank the players on the active roster from 1-53.

    The results are cumulative and based mostly on this season's body of work. A player's past accomplishments are also weighed into their ranking, but the most important factor is the overall contribution to this season's Giants' team. The deeper we get into the season the more difficult it is not to overreact to one performance or one or two plays.

    Read on and see how you think I did this week.

    1. Eli Manning -- Do we need to discuss why? LW: 1

    2. Victor Cruz -- Three salsa dances on Sunday and now he's talking about changing the signature touchdown celebration. Don't do it, Vic! LW: 2

    3. Ahmad Bradshaw -- Just when some scribes were starting to wonder how much gas he had left in the tank (OK, I was starting to wonder) he comes up with the defining performance of his career. Pro Football Focus said 70 of Bradshaw's 200 yards rushing came after contact, which is a testament to how hard he ran against the Cleveland Browns. LW: 12

    4. Will Beatty -- Amazed that Beatty is this high? I am, too. Part of that is that Beatty has been rock at left tackle since returning to the lineup, earning a +10.2 grade from Pro Football Focus. The other part of that is that after the awful defense the Giants played the last two week there is no way any defensive player deserves to be this high. Beatty, incidentally, has yet to allow a quarterback hit, or even a hurry. LW: 8

    5. Jason Pierre-Paul -- I am only grudgingly putting Pierre-Paul this high. He said before the Cleveland game that he wasn't having any fun. Well, it's not much fun watching him plow straight ahead and get stoned at the line of scrimmage, either. The Giants need more than what they have gotten from JPP lately. LW: 3

    6. Antrel Rolle -- As usual, it sort of bugs me to put him this high. But, I can't find a reason to really drop him lower. Or, anyone who absolutely has to be pushed above him. LW: 5

    7. Martellus Bennett -- Count me among those that was impressed by Bennett's courage on Sunday, playing much of the game with a hyper-extended knee and blocking well enough to help the Giants have their best day running the ball in two years. This guy is en route to earning himself a big contract. LW: 16

    8. Chris Snee -- Playing very well, and the Giants' offensive line is playing as well as it has in a long, long time. LW: 10

    9. Linval Joseph -- You guys have been calling for it, and even though Sunday wasn't his best game I don't think I can keep him out of the top 10. LW: 13

    10. Rocky Bernard -- They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. He drops one spot, which isn't nearly as much as he might have after not playing Sunday. Bernard has been terrific this season, and the Giants' really missed the big defensive tackle against the Browns. LW: 9
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    Lets talk about three players on defense who have been completely useless. One is lazy, the other is soft and the third guy is playing out of position.

    Maybe if in next weeks power rankings Osi is ranked 32, Tuck is ranked 33 and Kiwi is ranked 34 Coughlin will see is it and realize what he has to do to fix our defense.

    Edit: Did you know Vontaze Burfict has had a larger impact so far this season than Kiwi has. 25 takles. 13 solos 1 Sack and a fumble recovery. Just for you guys who had something to say when I mentioned drafting the guy. once Rivers is back up its time to move Kiwi back to DE and move Tuck and Osi to the bench.
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