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congrats COWBOYS!!!

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  • congrats COWBOYS!!!

    You have EARNED THE NFC EAST. Failing to execute late in games, is WAAAAY more acceptable, than failing to show up for a game of this magnitude. (Throw in the Seattle and Philly games), and you have a problem that is symptomatic of something much greater than injuries. They werent too banged up to start 6-2. they weren't too banged up to be 35-35 with the Packers, and they weren't too banged up to rally from 12 down last week in Dallas. this is SHAMEFUL, and I don't even care if they come back andwin, it's still shameful.

    They keep saying penalties drive Tom Coughling crazy. Tom Coughlin's team not showing up at home EVER, or for games in December should be drving US crazy.