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a look at the 49ers wins + loss

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    Originally posted by Joe Morrison View Post
    The 49ers have surprised me so far but reality set in in Minnesota a little, when you lose a game like that you kind of lose the aura that you are unbeatable, and trouncing the Jets was no big deal. Expect to see another rought game, close to the vest for the most part with the better QB coming out on top in the end.
    The one thing the 49ers have over us though is consistency. Every week their defense plays tough and their offense isn't a slouch either. For us, we don't know who is coming. We went from having an abysmal running game to having a ranked one in one game. Our defense is streaky and hasn't gotten much pressure throughout. If the Giants are clicking on all cylinders then this will be a win, but if one facet doesn't show up then it will be a nightmare.


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      Looks like Sheepdip was right as usual !!!