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Eli Manning leading the league in DYAR

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    Originally posted by JayMas9 View Post
    This simply isn't true. There's overwhelming support throughout the national media for Eli Manning, especially after last year, though it was going on while he was playing well last year. Skip Bayless is one of the only morons that gets national air time that I see saying incredibly inaccurate things about Eli Manning.
    I agree it has changed somewhat, I mean, it had to after last year right? But Remember before last year Eli wasnt even considered a top 100 player in the NFL by his peers, when he clearly was. Even after this past season he was ranked what, 35th? It has been very hard for him to get recognition and respect, and if it comes down to Rodgers or Brees vs Eli for the MVP, I would think most would chose Rodgers or Brees.


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      Eli is going to take down the MVP this year. Brees needs a miracle to get in the conversation. Rogers needs a turn around aswell to be considered. The media hate that Eli has had in the past is no longer the case (as predicted by me) this season Eli has been called the best QB in football by many writers and analysts. (Even Skip Bayless). There's still a hesitance to it but we really can't point to an anti Eli media bias this season.

      Now Eli's name has come up in MVP talks every season since the 07 SB and then it fades in November...this season Eli's numbers wont be off the charts but the wins against the stiff competition will be undeniable. The NFL is ready to give Eli the MVP. I mean how many superbowl MVPs can the guy take down without taking down a league MVP? No one wants to talk about it but when you name Rogers the league MVP and then he gets outclassed by Eli on his own field in a playoff game and Eli goes on to win the SB MVP its makes Rogers look like a poor MVP selection.
      My 5 year old son right before the kickoff of the Super Bowl 46: Dad, are the Giants gonna win?

      Burier: Yes.

      My 5 year old son right before the kickoff of Super Bowl 46: Do you promise?

      Burier: Yes. I promise.