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NFL Week 6 Predictions: Mikey's Crystal Ball

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  • NFL Week 6 Predictions: Mikey's Crystal Ball

    Excerpt: "
    This past Sunday, I was at the Chiefs/Ravens game, and left before the fourth quarter started. That means I did not witness fans booing Matt Cassel being sprawled out on the turf with a concussion, but I certainly wouldn't have expected that from this group of fans. I mean, it wasn't Philly or Oakland. The KC fans are passionate, yes, but that was just a horrible thing to do, no matter how disappointed you are in your QB. Regardless, here is what I took away on Sunday--that was some bad football being played on both sides. It reminded me of that Giants/Redskins game in the '70's, when I think Joe Danelo kicked a field goal to win 12-9. Hey, the Internet is a cool thing--check it out!

    Okay, enough of all that jibberish--let's pick the games....

    NY Giants at San Francisco--The Niners are still bitter about the NFC title game, but trust me--they are going to be tight while the G-men will be loose. Mikey will be at a wedding at precisely game time, which kind of sucks, but maybe it'll keep my blood pressure down not being able to watch. Giants 21, Niners 17" Read more...
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