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ESPN E:60 Spotlights Justin Tuck

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  • ESPN E:60 Spotlights Justin Tuck

    Excerpt: "
    Justin Tuck is currently playing his eight season for the New York Giants and has become one of the biggest names in New York City sports. Even in a city with a big media world, no one really seemed to know a lot about his background: Where did he come from? How was he discovered? What kind of family is he from? Tuesday night, ESPN aired an E:60 episode featuring the Giants' defensive end, during which everyone who viewed it found out all of that.

    A lot of things factor into Tuck becoming the football player he's become, but he owes a lot of that to his family. Tuck is the youngest child and has five older sisters who, I guess you can say, bossed him around. As the second oldest of six kids, I know what it's like to be in a big family and how tough it makes you become." Read more...

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