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    Watched the 49er games on rewind, the GMEN cannot get off to a slow start and let them get a lead, if they pull another Browns opening they will be is real trouble.
    Minnesota showed if you score and don't let them get away they will be just a regular team, let them get up on you they will mix it up on D and take shots on offense just like they did to the Jets and Bills.
    And please, lets see some defensive pressure this week.
    Forget the Past, Live for the Future!

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    Also w need to score tds in the red zone, net some big plays, and avoid large runs/pass gains on d so we can hopefully give up fgs not tds cuz I can almost guarantee they will move the ball it's about stalling their drives and bringing out akers

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      Joe, you re right on the money. Don't worry about taking time off the clock but score only. A lot of posters still talk about taking time off the clock and all that like wins and lossses go by that. I've seen a lot of times a team win the time of possesion but they are losing the game. Our Offense is made for speed so we just try and do everything to get tds after tds. If I was HC of the Giants, I would tried to break records and develope rookies. Run and pass the ball with no worries. Tell Eli to take what the defense gives you but if the opportunity arises and there is some one on one deep, Eli takes it.