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The Coughlin Corner: Welcoming the challenge

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  • The Coughlin Corner: Welcoming the challenge

    Excerpt: "Q: If you tried to set up a scenario to challenge your team, you couldn’t do much better than what you’re facing this week - going cross-country to face the 49ers, a very good team that’s first in the NFL in rushing and second in defense and has a revenge motive after the championship game last season. Do you learn more about your team playing in circumstances like this than you do in other games?

    Coughlin: “People asked me those kinds of questions earlier in the week and my first reaction is it’s not like we haven’t had many tough football games around here. We’ve played on the road in many difficult circumstances, so that part of it, looking forward to the challenge – we’re looking forward to the challenge. They’re a really good football team, but we’re looking forward to playing against this team. The rest of it is they’re 4-1. We’re well aware of that. We have studied the Minnesota game (the 49ers only loss) along with all the other games very deeply and we have some ideas about how that all takes place. “Every time we go out there we’re the underdog, so there’s nothing new about that. And we do have the experience of going there, of not turning the ball over, of special teams making a great contribution, defense playing so well, offense taking care of the football and coming away winning. So we have a formula. Nobody stands still. This is a team that has improved themselves. They have included some more variety into their attack (with the wildcat), which they used, for example, somewhat over here at MetLife against the Jets, but then quickly put it away. They’ve gone right back to just physical, physical football. So that’s how they play. That’s how they prefer to play. They are very good in their offensive line and defensive line and they play a style of football...for example, on defense, you’re not going to see a whole lot of different people on the field. This business is about rotating players in and out. Not them. They play them. They play their front. They certainly expect not to play a lot of snaps, I think, as they design it. But that’s their style and then they’re going to run it and if you’re going to have a chance to beat them, you've got to stop the run and you’re going to have to run the ball on the other side, because if they get in a situation where all they need to do is crank it up and come after the quarterback, we’ve seen evidence of our quarterback getting hit more than we would ever like him to be hit.”
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1