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Giants' Keys to Victory vs. 49ers

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  • Giants' Keys to Victory vs. 49ers

    Excerpt: "1) Stop the run, run the ball.
    It’s a simple formula for a matchup that boils down to the basics. For the Giants, the challenge comes against the 49ers’ No. 1 rushing attack and their No. 7 run defense.

    2) Mix it up on Vernon.
    In two games against the Giants last season, tight end Vernon Davis had just six catches, but three of them were touchdowns. Two came in the NFC Championship, including a 73-yarder. Linebacker
    Jacquian Williams
    could be used to match his speed, but a mixture of looks has led to success for the Giants defense against elite tight ends." Read more...
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    I feel Frank Gore and Vernon Davis are the big keys for this game! If we can limit those two players, we should win!


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      Running the ball too much and worrying about the clock limits your offense. If worrying about the clock works so well, the Giants would have more than one Superbowl in the 80s and I am talking about the 80's alone. We do many things and score a lot of points wich our offense is made to do not run out the clock. It takes power to do that and the Giants have different types of play makers.


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        Well I agree with the first one.

        If the Giants can shut down the run AND run the ball effectively they should win.

        The probelm is that the 49ers are the #1 running team and currently the #7 rush D (actually better than that but have been playing a number of games with 6 in the box and playing coverage).

        Thats like Niner fan saying "Well, if we can completely shut down Eli we will win". Of course, but saying that and doing that are completely different things.


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          1) is the biggest key to winning the game!


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            One they forgot would be take the crowd out of it. If the Giants can go on a slow methodical 10+ play 7+ min drive on their opening possession that would deflate the SF crowd and set the tone for the rest of the game.


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              #3 Score more points than they do


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                I don't have a problem with throwing the ball and scoring huge numbers of points. Putting up 41 again would be nice (although I realize highly unlikely against this defense). I don't care if we run or pass to get them points. I think we need to hurry Alex Smith and stop their running attack. Those are the keys to me.