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How much credit should Mike Singletary get for the 49ers?

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    Simpletary is responsible for nothing but underachievement. The fact that Harbaugh came in and has been able to do what he's done with mostly Simpletary's roster (that Nolan built) speaks volumes about what kind of loser that buffoon is. The only praise he gets from me is for (apparently) turning around Vernon.


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        Originally posted by Six-Ace-Deuce View Post
        Patrick Willis was a BEAST in college, kind of the reason why the Niners drafted him with the 11th pick in the draft. According to the PLAYERS, Singletary did not teach techique, he taught his LBs to have the right mind set to play the position. I don't think Patrick Willis need anymore motivation or getting the right mindset after the hell is childhood was. Singletary didn't mold Willis, tragedy and ultimate triumph did that.. you give Singletary WAY too much credit. Other than Willis, who did he mold? Not Takeo Spikes.. NaVorro Bowman? No, Bowman was lost his season under Singletary.. he was an ALL-PRO the season after Singletary left.

        Why would you think Singletary's handprints are all over the defense.. Singletary doesn't know any Xs and Os.. he didn't call one play, he didn't draw up any either. Greg Manusky was hired under Mike Nolan to run the defense, he was Singletary's defensive coordinator his entire time there.. if you want to give anybody credit, it's Nolan, if not Nolan then Manusky. Most coaches have formations or strategies posted on the walls of their office or classrooms.. Singletary had slogans. Singletary didn't believe in 'trying to trick anybody'.. Singletary didn't believe that a great scheme or plan won football games, he thought that whoever had the stronger will would win the game.. no technique or strategy.. just will.. how many games are won on sheer will?

        The ONLY guy Singletary ever campaigned to draft and start on defense was Taylor Mays, he didn't even last the whole season as a starter. All of the other defensive starters were brought in under Nolan, Singletary basically had Nolan's team. Singletary fought to start Mays, he lasted 4 or 5 games.. Singletary fought to have RG Chilo Rachal start.. he's currently a Chicago Bear.

        Mike Singletary was the worst coach in Niners' history.. and it isn't even close. It makes me CRINGE at the level of incompetence that he demonstrated.. his monday press conferences became MUST SEE events, because he couldn't tell you what went wrong, because he doesn't understand the Xs and Os and didn't understand everything he just saw on the field.. and to hear him try to BS his way out of things. My favorite was when he tried to convince everyone of his idiotic run-run-run-punt offense was, to paraphrase:"Don't you think Payton Manning would rather hand the ball off than have to throw the ball?" After you hear something like that, I just lost all respect for the guy. In 2010, in a game at KC, Singletary's offense was SO predicatable, the defense was CORRECTLY calling out the plays based on formation and personnel group.. it was a massacre.

        I can't ignore the reality, I lived it in horror with every other Niners' fan. It's really insulting to hear ANYBODY give Mike Singletary ANY credit for the Niners' current success. I will give Singletary props for straightening out Vernon Davis, he was another T.O. ready to explode til Singletary got him in check, Vernon Davis is still full of himself, but he's a team player.. and that's what counts.

        Singletary should stick to position coaching and make a living there, he'd never be a defensive coordinator, because he doesn't know Xs and Os.. he can't be a head coach because he can't help either the offensive or defensive coordiantor.. because he doesn't know how to scheme or draw up plays.. half the time he didn't even wear a headset, what was he going to say? How can you overrule somebody on a playcall when you don't understand the plays? Singletary was a disaster.. he robbed the fans of two seasons with his BS and probably shaved a couple years of the fans' lives w/ his maddening reasoning and PURELY idiotic ideas.

        I don't know if you can tell, but this is a SORE subject for most Niners' die-hard fans.
        This could not be said any better......100% true. 9er fans remember him pacing the sidelines with no headset, just that stupid wooden cross around his neck, wanting to kill him. He helped V.Davis, thats it.

        He will never get a shot at coordinator or HC again.
        "As of today (after watching houston against the jets), the 49ers are easily the best football team in the NFL. Easily."

        A quote from one of YOUR die hard Giants Fans:



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          Originally posted by look@dafilm View Post
          Simpletary is responsible for nothing but underachievement. The fact that Harbaugh came in and has been able to do what he's done with mostly Simpletary's roster (that Nolan built) speaks volumes about what kind of loser that buffoon is. The only praise he gets from me is for (apparently) turning around Vernon.
          Apparently he has come in and taught illegal holding techniques designed to circumvent the rules.......what Gilbride exposed perfectly describes why the SFO turnaround........Harbaugh come off to me as a mean spirited orge........with a thin shell of false thing you know he will be encouraging blocking below the knees and eye gouging.......I'd say he is the worst sore loser in the league........well right there with Schiano

          they remind me of one another


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            Originally posted by joemorrisforprez View Post
            Everyone is singing Harbaugh's praises, but this is largely a team that was built under Mike Singletary.

            Granted, Singletary was a much better player than coach, but his handprints are all over the 49ers.
            ehhh......Harbaugh changed this team's attitude and GAM PLAN. He gets the credit....IMO
            The only thing I give MS credit for is the "tough love" to Vernon Davis. Changed his perspective on football and the right way to be a team mate.
            "it won't matter who we pick at #2 because whoever it is we need him..."

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