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Niners may be finer this time around

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  • Niners may be finer this time around

    Exxcerpt: "THE GAME: The defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants (3-2) vs. the San Francisco 49ers (4-1), 4:25 p.m. ET at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

    THE WEATHER: Unlike the last time the Giants travelled here, when it had rained for days and the field was soggy and muddy, it’s been relatively nice in the Bay Area. The forecast for Sunday afternoon is beautiful. Sunny skies, temperatures around 70 and light winds (always at Candlestick) of 10-15 miles per hour.

    WHAT IT MEANS: The winner of this game is going to spend at least the next few weeks being referred to as the best team in the NFC. … What’s that? The Atlanta Falcons are 5-0? We can all worry about them later. Right now, this is the clash of the conference titans – a chance for the Giants to re-assert their control and for the 49ers to move to the head of the class.

    MATCHUP TO WATCH:Giants WR Victor Cruz vs. 49ers CB Carlos Rogers. The 49ers wouldn’t be dumb enough to put Rogers on Cruz alone again, would they? Never mind the silliness of Salsa-gate, Cruz’s dominance of Rogers in the NFC championship was quite a story. Cruz caught 10 passes for 142 yards, including eight for 125 in the first half before the Niners finally started giving Rogers some help. So yes, Jim Harbaugh will certainly insist that Rogers gets help this time around. But with Hakeem Nicks possibly returning and so many of the Giants’ other receivers stepping up with recent big games, Cruz is going to get his one-on-one match-ups. Those have looked like mismatches in the past and it could be a big day for the Giants if the 49ers lose control of Cruz again." Read more...
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    I think we're a better team than when we faced them last year. Hoping for a good game and a Giants win!


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      the 9ers know they have their hands full with our receivers and if Nicks is healed that could be the story right there!

      Randle could have another monster game because they want to limit Cruz and Nicks!

      but as ive said many times i havent seen any one corner consistently cover Cruz!


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        The Niner's know that we will not lay down like the last two teams that they played!