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In response to a troll, a post I made earlier.

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  • In response to a troll, a post I made earlier.

    Even though this guy is a troll lets see...The 9ers beat the packers who stink this year and they lost to the vikings who lost to the colts, colts beat the packers also which is another reason why they stink. The teams the 9ers beat have a total record of 7-12, the 9ers lost to the vikings which beat teams with a combined record of 7-12. If you exclude the win over the 9ers, the vikings beat teams with a combined record of 3-11.

    Now am I saying that the 49ers stink no, but what I am saying is I don't get where all this hype is coming from. The 9ers have only played one team who has a good QB this year which is Rodgers, who is not even playing that great due to his O-line. BTW I am not saying the giants are any better off, since we beat nobody also. But here is the thing, at the end of the day we have ELI and the 9ers don't. So till proven otherwise, we're still the SB champs and on our way to repeat.

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    We were the better football team today and I still overall we are the better football team.

    We have an amazing management team and a very good offense that can get **** done.