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Best game in Blue for Antrel Rolle?

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  • Best game in Blue for Antrel Rolle?

    What a freaking game! Hes had a solid albeit unspecttacular career with us to this point, but he was outta his mind today! I can't think of any game better then this outta him? Agree?

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    He was def a freak tonight! I love it!


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      When he plays like this i finally understand why they pay the guy so much. I really think the addition of new talent at the corner position has helped his game immensely though. Not having to worry so much about what he lacks in (coverage, especially the slot) allows him to do the things he excells at so much better (playing tough in the box and ball-hawking). Expect to see more of this Rolle as the secondary improves at corner and guys begin to gel and learn each others nuances and playing styles.


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        When Phillips comes back I want to see the Giants in more 3 saftey looks....No1 is really talking about Stevie Brown, but Im impressed with this kid.
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