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49ers "Simmering"

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  • 49ers "Simmering"

    Here's the headline from AP news on my phone:

    "The New York Giants gave the San Francisco 49ers another reason to simmer."

    Maybe it's just everyone underestimating my Gints every year. But this sounds to me like the Niners are simmering and will boil over on us later this year? I mean the Giants ran a clinic on the Niners....?

    My headline would have been "The New York Giants showed the San Francisco 49ers why they won the Superbowl last year."

    I know there are a lot of nit-picking threads in here, as usual, but what I saw overall was a dominant Giants team in every facet of the game. And if any week 6 game can be a statement game, this beatdown was.

    Shout out to the O- Line and D Line. GREAT GAME.

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    seems lie we are always the underdogs like no one takes the giants for real. maybe its good, we just like to hear it and try and prove them wrong.