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To beat the 49ers

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  • To beat the 49ers

    Like I said before the game !

    Run the ball 30 + times and play physical with them. They rely on making teams 1 dimensional as you can see in the Jets, Bills games. You need to commit to the run and stop there run and its that simple. killdrive at the worst times was getting pass happy as he often does and it almost lead to a pick 6 for 95 yards the other way which would have changed the game perhaps. Take what they give you and play simple is key. Maybe they were overconfident against us thinking we fluked last year and maybe they were getting all giddy about themselves after pummeling the Jets/Bills.

    and just to clear things up on last years 2 games vs 49ers.

    If not for V Davis blown coverage on 2 plays we shut them out pretty much. I know they like to cry about the special teams gaffes which were huge. But keep in mind we went to there house and moved up and down the filed on them. This game yesterday ends any debate. Heck we almost beat them in the regular season game last year as well as we were at the 5 yard line and threw in completion on last play. Again all games in Sanfran where they didnt have to travel and deal with crowd noise etc.

    I expect M Lynch to get 30 carries next week and sanfran squeaks out a victory.