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  • Keys to Redskins Game

    Redskins offense- The offense wants to run on the strong side and play action/roll out to the weakside. The defense needs to line up strong and mix in late timing blitzes on the weak side. When the offense is in a three back look with a te in the backfield they tend to play action with two backs staying in and one going to the flats or qb draw to his non throwing side. In goal line formation they like to counter weak or qb draw weak side. Offense likes to take shots down field with the slot reciever on a deep slant switching from the ss side to the fs side of the field with the play action pass.

    Redskins defense- The defense is good at disguising zone and man coverages by making their zones look like man coverage which makes pre snap reads difficult. When sending normal pressure the defense has a hard time getting pressure on the qb allowing him time to identify the defense after the snap. To get pressure they often use late blitzing lb's up the middle. In goal line the defense tends to sell out middle.