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  • 1 ata time-: Next Up - The Skins

    With Canty 's return and Linval Joseph playing at a high level, we have two quality DTs.
    I'm somewhat disappointed in Marvin Austin, but i hold out hope that he improves.
    I like the idea of playing Kiwi up at DE occasionally to mix it up.
    I love the idea of playing JPP on the inside with Osi and Tuck on the outside.
    I hope they run a few stunts to confuse the skins OL.
    I like that we called a few safety blitzes to mix it up.
    Prince is maturing and playing like a 1st round pick. It's good to have Hosley backand he looks solid as a nickel CB.
    Our special teams have been awesome.
    Out OL has been awesome. I thought they were one of our weak links but they have been consistent. I guess playing together to gel helps.

    I think the key to beat the skins is to have Williams play as a spy on RGIII, similar to what we have done in the past with Vick, Cunnigham.
    Half of the successful plays the skins have is via RGIII. He runs the ball alot since the WRs are covered.

    If the Giants continue to play with discipline and contain their lanes on D, I can see the Giants having another multi sack game.

    On offense, I would like to see conservative pass plays that chip away at yardage rather than going for the homerun ball.
    I would love to see the Giants try 4 WR sets too!!! Who ever has single coverage will get the ball. Between Nicks, Cruz, Hixon, and Randle, come on.
    Id like to see screen and/or swing (old memories of Rodney Hampton and Dave Megget) passes to Bradshaw, Brownand Wilson.

    I think if the Giants come with their A Game, they will beat the skins.