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News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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  • News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Wednesday, October 17, 2012




    Giants' Justin Tuck Advised JPP. "It's All About The Now"

    Excerpt: "Earlier this season, Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul admitted he wasn't having as much fun this year. Entering the 49ers game, there were questions about the Giants defensive line, whose sack totals were down this season.

    Elder teammates Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora shared some advice with Pierre-Paul as he adjusts to the expectations that came after his 16.5-sack season in 2011.

    "He went through some adversity earlier this year and that kind of hit him a little bit," Tuck said. "He has been used to people, especially in New York media, saying great things about him. You hit that adversity, and people start putting you on a milk carton."

    He added: "That kind of hit him hard a little bit. He kind of took it to heart. It is just something that me and Osi kind of told him, it is all about the now. New York doesn’t care about what you did last year, it is all about the now. And he fought back and came out and had a great game for us, and next week he is poised to continue that."

    Pierre-Paul recorded two sacks against the 49ers, part of the Giants' six-sack effort in the decisive 26-3 win. His season sack total through six games is now 3.5." Read more...

    Giants' Chris Canty Practices for the First Time, Unsure if He'll Play Sunday

    Excerpt: "Chris Canty thought he didn't need to begin the season on the physically-unable-to-perform list. He felt he would be ready to get on the field before the team's seventh game, the earliest a player can be activated from the PUP list.

    But the Giants felt differently and placed him on PUP due to a knee injury that forced him to undergo surgery immediately after the Super Bowl.

    Today, he returned to practice and acknowledged that there's some work to do before he can help out on Sundays. After all, he hasn’t played competitively since the Super Bowl.

    "It was good to be out on the field with the guys," Canty said. "I’ve got a lot of work to do, a lot to catch up on. That’s to be expected. [I've got] a long ways to go before I can help and contribute to this football team, but I’m excited about being on the practice field with my teammates." Read more...

    Robert Griffin III Doesn't Plan On Osi Umenyiora's "Bob" Nickname Sticking

    Excerpt: "Robert Griffin III said Osi Umenyiora's nickname for him, "Bob," hasn't gained any traction in the past few months. He doesn't expect it will.

    "Some of the media here in Washington started calling me 'Bob' for a few days, just trying to laugh it off, but other than that, it really hasn’t stuck," the Redskins' rookie quarterback said on a conference call with the New York media today. "I don’t plan on letting it stick, either."

    Umenyiora's playful jab originated in an interview on WFAN in July.

    “Who is this RG3 guy you guys keep talking about?’’ Umenyiora said at the time. “You talking about Bob Griffin? You guys are giving him a cool nickname already and everything. When he does anything in the NFL, we’re gonna call him RG3. Right now, he’s Bob Griffin.” Read more...


    Giants' Ahmad Bradshaw not practicing due to foot injury

    Excerpt: "The Giants have nine players on the pre-practice injury report today and there are three new names.

    The most prominent addition is running back Ahmad Bradshaw who is listed with a foot injury. Bradshaw missed four games last season with a cracked bone in his foot. He previously had undergone surgery to insert screws in his foot. He returned to finish the season, but underwent a procedure to speed the healing process of the stress fracture in March.

    Bradshaw has had his biggest work loads each of the last two weeks. He carried the ball a career-high 30 times against the Browns in Week 5 and followed it with 27 rushes against the 49ers Sunday, the second highest total of his career. Bradshaw missed the Giants' win over the Panthers in Week 3 with a neck injury." Read more...

    Hakeem Nicks practicing as Giants Get Ready for Redskins

    Excerpt: "Hakeem Nicks was on the practice field today as the Giants begin preparing for the Redskins, a good sign as he continues to manage foot and knee injuries.

    In fact, this is the first time Nicks has practiced on a Wednesday all season. He started the year practicing once a week on his surgically repaired foot -- only on Thursdays -- before a new knee injury set him back. After missing three games, he returned against the 49ers last week, though he was clearly not at full strength.

    Nicks practicing today is a good sign he came through the game no worse for the wear. The last time he played a full game, Week 2 against the Buccaneers, he came out very sore and with the new knee injury that he suggested may have been related to compensating for the foot.
    "

    Giants Facing "An Amazing Talent" in RGIII

    Excerpt: "The Giants are coming off a huge victory over the 49ers on the road, but they aren’t taking the 3-3 Redskins lightly this week. Not after losing to Washington twice last season and not after starting this season 0-2 in the NFC East.

    Add Robert Griffin III, and the Redskins have got the Giants’ complete attention.

    “He’s going to be a problem in this league for a long time,” Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora said of the rookie quarterback in an interview on ESPN Radio on Tuesday. “We’re going to have our work cut out for us. I actually stopped by the facility and saw some tape of him and I was just like, ‘Wow, this guy’s an amazing talent.’ It’s going to be a big test for us to keep him under control.” Read more...

    A Look Back at the Giants' 26 - 3 Win vs. 49ers

    Excerpt: "While it’s not exactly true that “nobody” gave the Giants a chance to beat the 49ers -- as we all know, that was Tom Coughlin’s motivational tactic with his team last week -- it is fair to say pretty much everybody expected the NFC Championship Game rematch to come down to the fourth quarter.

    Not this time.

    Even quarterback Eli Manning, in his weekly spot on WFAN Radio, admitted it was “a little unnatural” to be in a run-first mode after halftime.

    On one fourth-quarter drive, the Giants called 12 straight run plays and wound 7:10 off the clock, before netting the final field goal of their statement-sending 26-3 victory.

    It was just one way their win wiped out many preconceived notions. The Giants ran on the 49ers defense for 149 yards and a touchdown. They yielded no sacks to the 49ers’ front seven. And they held the 49ers, who netted 79 points over the past two weeks, to just one field goal." Read more...

    Giants' Victor Cruz off to an historic start through 25 career starts

    Excerpt: "Victor Cruz's emergence over the last 13 months has been described in many ways.

    Unexpected. Sudden. Electrifying. Inspiring. Those are just a few.

    You can add historic to the list of adjectives.

    Cruz played his 25th career game against the 49ers Sunday and his six receptions for 58 yards pushed his career total to 125 catches and 2,032 yards." Read more..



    JPP Warns RGIII: "Don't Bring it to My Side"

    Excerpt: "
    Jason Pierre-Paul has seen the speed of Robert Griffin III and he knows the Redskins quarterback will try to run on the Giants’ defense on Sunday. But JPP had a warning for RGIII.

    “Don’t bring it to my side,” Pierre-Paul said. “Go the other way.”

    Not that Pierre-Paul expects Griffin to have much success going in that direction either, now that the Giants’ defense has rediscovered it’s confidence after their dominant performance in San Francisco last Sunday. Griffin may be the fastest quarterback in the NFL, and he may have run for 379 yards and six touchdowns his first six games in the league.

    But Pierre-Paul think RGIII will have his hands full against a Giants’ defense that might be faster than any he’s ever seen.

    “Trust me, we chase quarterbacks all time,” Pierre-Paul said. “We turn and run to the ball, no matter what. He may get past us and zoom right past us, but trust me we’re right behind him. You’ve got to respect that too. It’s not all about the speed. We’ve got guys, all 11 guys that can run to the ball very quick." Read more...

    Bradshaw sits, Williams to Miss Sunday, David Carr's new Nickname

    Excerpt: "
    He had two of the finest games of his career. And after that, Ahmad Bradshaw needed a rest.

    The Giants’ top tailback did not practice on Wednesday, and according to the team injury report, he was dealing with a foot injury. Coach Tom Coughlin provided few specifics, although he did say it was “the same type (of) thing” that Bradshaw dealt with last season.

    Bradshaw is expected to practice Thursday, so this latest injury is hardly serious. But the fact that the injury was related to last year’s problems, was somewhat concerning. Bradshaw has battled chronic injuries in both feet throughout his career. Last season, the tailback sat out four games, and he regularly missed practices as he battled to stay healthy, a routine that Coughlin would like to avoid this season.

    “I don’t want to go into that one-practice-a-week business we’ve had,” Coughlin said. “So I’m hoping that this is something that he is able to overcome and see the end of it.” Read more...


    Bradshaw to Miss Practice Wednesday

    Excerpt: "
    He had two of the finest games of his career. And now, Ahmad Bradshaw needs a rest.

    The Giants' starting tailback will not practice Wednesday, and the pre-practice injury report lists him with foot issues. Coach Tom Coughlin said it was the "same type thing" as the issues that plagued Bradshaw last season.

    The coach added that he hopes Bradshaw can avoid the situation that took place last season, when foot issues led the back to barely practice.
    "I don't want to go into that one-practice-a-week business that we've had," Coughlin said. "I'm hoping that this is something that he's able to overcome, and we see the end of it." Read more...

    No Doubts Anymore: Giants are one of the NFL's best

    Excerpt: "
    The Giants proved they are one of the best teams in the NFL on Sunday and a definite threat to repeat as Super Bowl champions. But that’s not just because they hammered the 49ers in San Francisco.

    It’s because they found yet another way to win.

    That, to me, is the most interesting thing about these Giants, one year after Eli Manning carried them on his back for almost the entire season. Sure, they can win that way again. Just look at his comeback win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But they also showed they could beat you on the ground, as evidenced by their win over the Cleveland Browns when Ahmad Bradshaw ran for 200.

    On Sunday in San Francisco, it was the defense’s turn. On a day when Manning didn’t even throw for 200 yards, the Giants’ defense absolutely dominated a team that had put up 1,000 yards and 79 points in his previous two games. I’m sure there have been better defensive performances by this unit in the last five years, but this one has to be in the Top 5, I would think. They forced three interceptions by a quarterback who had thrown six in his previous 21 games. They held the 49ers to just 80 rushing yards – 115.8 below their average.

    Yes, the Giants have their maddening moments, like losing at home on Opening Night to the Cowboys or falling behind the Browns, 14-0, at home in the first five minutes. Their erratic history certainly should keep everyone on the edge of their seats when they play host to the Washington Redskins on Sunday." Read more...



    Giants' Coughlin: Redskins "energized" by RGIII

    Excerpt: "Over the summer, Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora just didn’t seem all that impressed with the Robert Griffin III hype. Umenyiora, a proven veteran, felt Griffin, an unproven rookie, needed to establish himself first. Even the nickname – RG3 – was not warranted. So Umenyiora famously and playfully suggested “Bob” as a better handle for the Redskins quarterback.

    Well, Bob as been proving himself.

    “Robert Griffin III has energized (Washington’s) offense,” said Giants coach Tom Coughlin.

    “He just doesn’t handle himself like a rookie,” offered Redskins coach Mike Shanhan.
    Note that no one is calling him “Bob,” something RG3 just shrugged off for the bazillionth time Wednesday.

    “Osi is a guy that’s proven himself in this league. He's a sack-master, he’s done a lot of good things in his career so I didn’t mind it at all,” Griffin said on a conference call." Read more...

    LB Williams Out For Giants, Foot Issues Return For Bradshaw

    Excerpt: "It figured that Jacquian Williams would be a big part of the game-plan this week, as he’s the fastest linebacker on the Giants roster and that speed would be useful against the Redskins and rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III.

    It doesn’t look as if Williams will be available, though. He came out of last week’s victory over the 49ers with a knee injury and coach Tom Coughlin said Williams will not practice this week. If that’s the case, there’s virtually no way he will be ready to face the Redskins on Sunday.

    It’s a big loss to the Giants defense, as Williams in the past has been effective working against scrambling quarterbacks. It will now be up to Michael Boley and perhaps Keith Rivers to pick up the slack. Both are considered to have above-average speed at linebacker but neither is as fast as Williams.

    The other new injury for the Giants is actually an old one, as RB Ahmad Bradshaw did not practice on Wednesday and is listed on the injury report with a foot issue. Coughlin said Bradshaw will practice on Thursday and cautioned “I don’t want to get into that one-practice-a-week business we had.’’ Bradshaw in the past only went one day a week to ease the strain on his feet. He is coming off back-to-back games in which he carried the ball 57 times and gained 316 yards." Read more..


    Giants Prep for Redskins, RG3

    Excerpt: "It’s the rocket arm and the jet legs and the captivating smile and the dangling braids and the Jordan-esque swagger on the field and the humility off it. Long after Eli Manning stops being an elite quarterback, long after Tom Coughlin retires, it is a good bet Robert Griffin III will be the scourge of the NFC East, the Giants’ worst nightmare. They better get him now, before he has it all figured out.

    It’s the hope the young franchise quarterback brings to his franchise and to his region that makes everyone believe all things are possible. And sometimes you know it when you see it for the very first time. Broadway knew it as soon as it saw Joe Namath. Miami knew it as soon as it saw Dan Marino. Indianapolis knew it as soon as it saw Peyton Manning and now Andrew Luck.

    “I think we’re just scratching the surface of how good he can be,” Fox NFL analyst John Lynch told The Post.

    For the championship-starved Redskins fans in and around the nation’s capital, Griffin isn’t merely a breath of fresh air. He is oxygen, resuscitating a proud tradition." Read more...

    Cofield: RG3 D.C.'s Franchise QB

    Excerpt: "There is little or nothing about Robert Griffin III that makes anyone immediately think “Eli Manning’’ except for the feeling he instills in his new teammates, a sense of confidence that the offense and the entire franchise is in good hands.

    The Giants for years have felt it, never stronger than today, as their two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback plays at such a high level that no situation, no game, no deficit seems impossible to overcome. Teams are dangerous when that aura exists. The Redskins, with RG3 at the helm, are starting to become dangerous.

    “He’ll keep you in every game,’’ Barry Cofield, the former Giants defensive tackle in his second year with the Redskins, told The Post Tuesday. “That’s the thing we didn’t have last year, and that’s the thing every team wants. You have quarterback like Eli, a quality quarterback like that, you feel like you have a chance in any game, even if you’re down a couple of scores. Eli has proven that. Robert gives you that same type of feeling.’’

    It is not as if Cofield didn’t know any hardship in his five years with the Giants. In his first season, 2006, the sailing was far from smooth.

    “We were 8-8, and after that season coordinators got fired,’’ Cofield recalled. “It was bad.’’ Read mre...

    VIDEO: Hubbuch on Giants Being NFC East Favorites

    Excceept: "After crushing the 49ers in San Francisco, the Giants are the team to beat in the NFC East, and possibly the whole conference, says Post NFL writer Bart Hubbuch.

    Hubbuch discusses the that, the Giants running game and what they have to do to slow down Redskins rookie sensation Robert Griffin III on Sunday with CineSport’s Noah Coslov." Watch Video



    Stapleton: Antrel Rolle backing up words

    Excerpt: "The perception of Antrel Rolle for the better part of last season was that his mouth — as much as his actions on the field — kept putting the Giants in difficult spots.

    Remember Rolle’s proclamation about Big Blue beating the Redskins "99 out of 100 times" in the days leading up to their 23-10 defeat, sealing a regular-season series sweep for then-struggling Washington and putting the Giants’ playoff hopes in jeopardy.

    That was nothing compared to what Rolle said afterward, when he tapped his chest and challenged the heart of a team that heeded his message all the way to Super Bowl XLVI.

    Fast forward to today and the questioning of just how essential Rolle is to the Giants’ success no longer exists. In reality, outside of Eli Manning and perhaps Jason Pierre-Paul, there is no one more valuable than the seventh-year safety whose words and actions have become lock step with what Tom Coughlin demands from the leaders in his locker room.

    On the heels of his best individual performance as a Giant and the franchise’s best regular-season effort in quite some time, it’s only fitting Rolle hit the airwaves Tuesday afternoon and set the tone for what must come next when Robert Griffin III and the Redskins visit MetLife Stadium on Sunday.

    "We need this win," Rolle said in his weekly spot on WFAN-AM 660. "We need this win extremely bad." Read more...







    Inside The Numbers: WR Cruz's 25th Game

    Excerpt: "WR Victor Cruz played in his 25th regular season game when the Giants defeated the 49ers

    Victor Cruz’s first NFL reception made just a small deposit in the Giants’ collective memory bank. It occurred early in the third quarter of a Monday night victory over St. Louis on Sept. 19, 2011. On a third down from the Giants’ 23-yard line, Cruz caught a pass from Eli Manning in the center of the field for a 10-yard gain and a first down.

    That one small step for Cruz has turned into one huge contribution for the Giants.

    On Sunday in San Francisco, Cruz played in his 25th regular season game when the Giants defeated the 49ers, 26-3. In those 25 games, he has caught 125 passes for 2,032 yards and 15 touchdowns. Cruz actually posted those numbers in just 21 games, because he had no receptions in any of his first four appearances.

    Cruz has earned a spot among the players with the most catches and receiving yards through the first 25 games of a career in NFL history. And he is outpacing the vast majority of the most productive receivers the Giants have ever had.

    Cruz’s 125 career receptions are tied for the sixth-most among players in their first 25 games:

    Anquan Boldin Arizona Cardinals 154
    Reggie Bush New Orleans Saints 143
    Marques Colston New Orleans Saints 138
    Tom Fears Los Angeles Rams 131
    Charley Hennigan Houston Oilers 126
    Victor Cruz Giants 125
    Kellen Winslow Cleveland Browns 125

    Cruz’s 2,032 receiving yards are the sixth-highest total through the first 25 games of a career in NFL history:

    Charley Hennigan Houston Oilers 2,468
    Bill Groman Houston Oilers 2,453
    Billy Howton Green Bay Packers 2,138
    Lance Alworth San Diego Chargers 2,118
    Bob Hayes Dallas Cowboys 2,084
    Victor Cruz Giants 2,032

    Cruz’s 125 receptions are the most ever by a Giants player in his first 25 games. He is second in receiving yards and touchdowns (tied with teammate Hakeem Nicks), trailing only Del Shofner, among Giants 25 games into their careers.

    To see how Cruz stacks up in Giants history, we selected the players with the five-highest reception totals in franchise history: Amani Toomer, Tiki Barber, Joe Morrison, Jeremy Shockey and Ike Hilliard. We also chose Aaron Thomas, Earnest Gray and Shofner, who are 11th, 13th and 15th, respectively, on the franchise career-receptions list. Nicks, if he stays healthy, could push his way onto that list (he’s currently 19th with 219 career catches). For further comparison, we also looked at Chris Calloway and Plaxico Burress, who are seventh and 12th on the list, despite starting their careers with other teams.

    Totals through their 25 games as a Giant:
    Name Receptions Yards Touchdowns
    Victor Cruz 125 2,032 15
    Amani Toomer 20 307 2
    Tiki Barber 70 594 3
    Joe Morrison 47 565 4
    Jeremy Shockey 124 1,468 4
    Ike Hilliard 81 1,136 4
    Aaron Thomas 23 485 3
    Earnest Gray 59 945 8
    Del Shofner 115 2,146 22
    Hakeem Nicks 116 1,686 15
    Plaxico Burress 116 1,837 13
    Chris Calloway 37 516 3

    "

    GIANTS 101

    Giants RB Da'Rel Scott undergoes knee surgery

    Excerpt: "
    New York Giants backup running back Da'Rel Scott was at the Hospital for Special Surgery on Tuesday receiving surgery on a torn meniscus in his right knee. He is expected to miss several weeks. The Giants have not yet made a roster move.

    Scott has only had six carries so far through 2012 for a grand total of nine yards. With Ahmad Bradshaw, Andre Brown, and David Wilson ahead of him on the depth chart, Scott has seen very limited action on offense. With that,David Wilson's explosive kick off returns have negated his value to the Giants on special teams. Although Scott has breakaway speed, he has yet to showcase a physical style of play. " Read more...

    Giants' Antrel Rolle named NFC Defensive Player of the Week

    Excerpt: "
    Following what may have been his best performance as a member of theNew York Giants, safety Antrel Rolle has been named the NFC Defensive Player of Week. He is the first Giants safety to win the award since Percy Ellsworth in Week 16 of the 1998 season, and the first defensive back to win the award since Aaron Ross in Week 8 of the 2008 season." Read more...

    Giants' Power Rankng Round-Up: A Team on the Rise

    Excerpt: "
    We never take NFL Power Rankings very seriously, especially during the first few weeks of the season, but now that teams have started to show what they're made of, we figured it's time to glance around the web and see what the power rankers think of the New York Giants.

    The fact that they're coming off a blistering beatdown of one of the league's best teams didn't hurt our decision, either. This week's theme: cracking the top three, baby!

    This week's rank: 3
    Last week's rank: 7
    Their comment: Their victory in San Francisco was the best game any team in the league has played against any other.
    Our comment: Yes, it was. Booyah!

    This week's rank: 5
    Last week's rank: 7
    Their comment: That was a statement game against San Francisco. They got back to their identity on defense with that suffocating pass rush.
    Our comment: Really, CBS? You're putting Eli Manning's Giants, after their best two games of the season, behind Jay Cutler's Chicago Bears and aBaltimore Ravens team that just lost Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb? Whatever you say, Prisco." Read more...


    When Chris Canty Returns for NY Giants, Who Gets Sent Packing

    Excerpt: "
    New York Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty hasn't stepped foot on afootball field all year, thanks to an offseason knee surgery that landed him on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list. But Canty never thought he would need six weeks to get the knee ready and he returned to practice as soon as he was eligible to, so there's no reason to think he won't be ready to suit up Sunday when the Giants face off with Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins.

    But if Canty is added to the 53-man roster, somebody needs to be removed from it to make room. Who's the unlucky chap that's released or placed on Injured Reserve (IR)? Well, let's take a look at some of the candidates." Read more...

    Giants Must Avoid Another Mid-season Letdown

    Excerpt: "
    It seems obvious enough. The New York Giants must beat the Washington Redskins this Sunday in order to secure their first win within the NFC East. The coaches know it, the players know it, and the fans know it as well. This Sunday is a huge game for Big Blue, and there's no reason to think the team will disappoint. After embarrassing the San Francisco 49ers on the road in Week six, it's inconceivable that the Giants drop a home matchup with the Redskins this Sunday, right?

    Not entirely. Sure, Big Blue is undoubtedly the more talented football team. However, the Giants entered their home matchup with the Redskins on a similar high in 2011, after Eli Manning led a season-altering comeback in Dallas in Week 14. The next week, we saw Big Blue turn in perhaps one of the most disappointing performances in recent memory. Eli Manning and Co. came out flat in an embarrassing 23-10 loss that wasn't even as close as the score indicated." Read more...

    After Early Injuries, New York Giants Getting Healthy at the Right Time

    Excerpt: "
    It was almost comical how bloated the New York Giants injury report was for a while there, but the team came out of the San Francisco 49ers game pretty healthy and we just might be turning a corner here. With Hakeem Nicks back in the fold, Chris Canty ready to return and Kenny Phillips hopefully only a week or two away, the Giants should be feeling better than they have all year.

    With the memory of running a headline the other week that only half-jokingly wondered if Big Blue would have enough healthy players to field a team for that week's game, the Giants seem to have weathered the worst of the storm (so far) and come out into the sunshine at 4-2. Good timing, with big divisional games against the Redskins and Dallas Cowboys coming up, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and Green Bay Packers lurking after that.

    Don't believe us? Let's go position-by-position and see how they're doing." Read more...



    Giants' Injury News: Jacquian Williams Likely Out Sunday

    Excerpt: "Linebacker Jacquian Williams is not likely to play Sunday for the New York Giants against the Washington Redskins. Coach Tom Coughlin said Wednesday that Williams, who injured his knee against the San Francisco 49ers, will not practice this week.

    Running back Ahmad Bradshaw, who has carried the ball 57 times the past two weeks, did not practice Wednesday because of what the team is calling a "foot issue." Bradshaw, of course, has missed both practice and game time in the past because of recurring foot and ankle issues.

    Coughlin seemed to give a bit of a testy answer when asked if Bradshaw's workload contributed to the foot issue.

    "Well, he certainly wasn't sitting around Sunday afternoon with his foot up. He definitely has played well, played hard, gotten the ball a number of times, and we'd like to think he can keep on doing that," Coughlin siad. "I don't want to go into that one-practice-a-week business that we've had. So, I'm hoping that this is something that he is able to overcome." Read more...

    Giants by the Numbers: Stats and More

    Excerpt: "Here are some New York Giants numbers for you, courtesy of the team's PR department.

    - Quarterback Eli Manning is 25-5 (.833) in October, the best winning percentage of any quarterback with at least 20 starts in the Super Bowl era.

    - Victor Cruz has 2,032 receiving yards in his young career. He is sixth all-time through the first 25 games of an NFL career. Cruz is also tied for sixth in receptions in the first 25 games of an NFL career with Kellen Winslow. They each have 125." Read more...


    Justin Tuck: Better vs. 49ers than we first thought

    Excerpt: "Did Justin Tuck play better Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers than we gave him credit for? The analysts at Pro Football Focus think so.

    Tuck was officially credited with zero tackles and one quarterback hit in 40 snaps on Sunday as the New York Giants routed the 49ers, 26-3.

    In Monday's 'Kudos & Wet Willies,' I wrote this:

    "Amidst all the great work by the defensive front with six sacks and I have no idea how many hurries, as well as pretty good run defense, the name Justin Tuck does not even appear on the stat sheet. Tuck played 40 of 61 defensive snaps without registering even an assist, though he did get one quarterback hit. How does that happen?"

    In Tuesday's Giants' roster rankings I dropped the seemingly unproductive 2012 version of Tuck from 16th all the way down to 27th.

    PFF vehemently disagrees with my assessment, giving Tuck a +2.8 (+3.2 pass rush) grade for the game and crediting him with seven "quarterback disruptions." PFF wrote:

    "He came into this game with only six QB disruptions (sacks, hits, hurries) on the season and more than doubled that total with his one hit and six hurries. He got around 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis on multiple occasions, including forcing Smith to step up in the pocket on his first interception with 14:02 to go in the second quarter. Tuck's exemplary work came on only 26 pass rush attempts and Sunday was clearly his best game of the season at +2.8 overall (+3.2 pass rush)." Read more...









    Giants 26 - 49ers 3: Hits, Misses, and Musings

    Excerpt: "Defensive end Justin Tuck often jokes about many things, such as his recent assertion that he (stinks) when he was asked about his lack of sacks and quarterback hits.

    But there was one thing that he was spot on with and that was when I asked him about the 49ers and if the feedback of former teammates Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham could offer any advantage to the 49ers in their preparation over the Giants.

    “I think a lot of times when that happens, the new team is trying to figure out all these secrets and they forget to do what they do, and it hurts them,” he said.

    The lesson to be learned this week is that talk is indeed cheap. For all the chirping the 49ers did about how the Giants “stole” their Super Bowl rings, about how the Giants coaches were “trying to influence” the officiating, when it came time to take the field and do the talking that mattered most, the 49ers fell way short.

    The Giants? Well I can’t help but think that the lyrics of the song “I am Titanium” are fitting this week, and I give you a sampling of those lyrics that I believe sums up the big picture in a game in which the Giants came, saw and conquered:

    You shout it loud, but I can’t hear a word you say.

    I’m talking loud, not saying much.

    I’m criticized, but all your bullets ricochet.

    You shoot me down, but I get up.

    They didn’t have to say much for this one. In typical Coughlin fashion, the Giants did their talking on the field, where it counted most.

    Receiver Domenik Hixon is a guy who will probably never be mentioned in the same breath as Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald.

    Yet for any perceived “shortcomings” the experts might think he has, the two things that make him so valuable are his head, which is why he’s seldom in the wrong spot or makes a mistake that hurts his team; and his heart, which he showed when he fought to keep a second quarter reception from hitting the ground by smartly getting his hand underneath the tip.

    Hixon didn’t have the gaudy numbers of a couple weeks ago – he didn’t even get the start this week. But he adapts better than most anyone I’ve seen and you get the same effort from the guy week in and week out." Read more...



    Antrel Rolle Says Michael Vick and RGIII are Totally Different Players

    Excerpt: ""I haven't watched too much film on RGIII yet. I've just seen highlights and this, that and the other," Rolle said on his weekly spot on WFAN this afternoon by way of Jorge Castillo of the Newark Star-Ledger. "But, of course, they're different. They're two totally different quarterbacks and I think that their game as far as their offensive approach is extremely different. RGIII, as you know, he can run the ball. I think he runs the ball a lot more than Michael Vick. I mean, he's a fast guy. He has a very, very strong arm and I think he's an all-around quarterback and he's going to get better with time." Read more...









    Jernogan Carr Stand In For RG III

    Excerpt: "No puns intended, but Robert Griffin III is the triple threat.

    So how do the New York Giants prep for the speed, passing ability and ingenuity of a quarterback like Griffin?

    Use David Carr and Jerrel Jernigan as stand-ins.

    Tom Coughlin said backup quarterback Carr was "slick enough and quick enough" to help the team prepare for the Washington Redskins' lightning-fast leader. He also suggested wide receiver Jernigan, who played four years of quarterback in high school, has the speed to prepare the Giants for Griffin.

    "I feel like I'm a little bit faster than [Griffin]," Carr joked. "I know that he's young and got a long road ahead of him, but I've been running for a long time."

    Jernigan added, "I'm just out there trying to get the defense the best look possible and get them ready for Sunday.

    "Me, Osi [Umenyiora] and [Justin] Tuck were having fun joking around about it," Jernigan continued. "They were like I wasn't that fast to get around the edge on them. I'm doing pretty good at it."

    For the record, Jernigan did get the edge on them without the ball. " Read more...

    Canty Goes From POP List To Practice

    Excerpt: "Defensive tackle Chris Canty practiced Wednesday after being sidelined for the first six weeks of the season. The Giants could activate him for Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins.

    "We are just going to see how the week goes," Canty said, "and I'm sure the decision will be made between now and Sunday."

    Canty and tight end Travis Beckum were placed on the physically unable-to-perform list during training camp because offseason knee surgery. Beckum is still a week away from practicing.

    While it's not certain if Canty will play Sunday, Justin Tuck is sure Canty and his "go-go gadget arms" will affect opposing quarterbacks upon his return.

    "You ask quarterbacks if they want to see a 6-foot-7, 300-plus-pound guy right in the middle of their face with arms that look like branches," Tuck said. "You might want to check out the quote from Tom Brady in the Super Bowl -- it is not fun."

    Having not played since the Super Bowl, Canty says there's still some rust but that his body feels good and he's still looking forward to competing.

    Canty's return to the field is bittersweet as he leaves his PUP partner, Beckum, behind." Read more...


    Giants Need Division Win

    Excerpt: "The New York Giants weren't even done putting the finishing touches on an emphatic victory in San Francisco when the team's brass got a preview of the danger that lies ahead.

    While heading down from the Candlestick Park press box to the field, Giants owner John Mara, general manager Jerry Reese and other team executives got a glimpse of Robert Griffin III busting loose for a 76-yard touchdown run to beat Minnesota on the television monitor inside the press elevator.

    After the impressive highlight, the TV showed the standings in the crowded NFC East.

    The final seconds hadn't even ticked away on the Giants' resounding 26-3 win over the 49ers when the team's executives were reminded of one of their most important goals -- taking care of the NFC East first.

    The Giants face the improved Washington Redskinsand their exciting rookie quarterback at home Sunday, and it might just be a bigger game than the NFC Championship Game rematch that was just played.

    While it's not nearly as sexy as knocking Jim Harbaugh's team around on its home turf, the Giants can make an even more emphatic statement over the next two weeks by beating the Redskins and Cowboys." Read more...

    Are The Giants An Elite Team?

    Excerpt: "The New York Giants weren't even done putting the finishing touches on an emphatic victory in San Francisco when the team's brass got a preview of the danger that lies ahead.

    While heading down from the Candlestick Park press box to the field, Giants owner John Mara, general manager Jerry Reese and other team executives got a glimpse of Robert Griffin III busting loose for a 76-yard touchdown run to beat Minnesota on the television monitor inside the press elevator.

    After the impressive highlight, the TV showed the standings in the crowded NFC East.The final seconds hadn't even ticked away on the Giants' resounding 26-3 win over the 49ers when the team's executives were reminded of one of their most important goals -- taking care of the NFC East first.The Giants face the improved Washington Redskinsand their exciting rookie quarterback at home Sunday, and it might just be a bigger game than the NFC Championship Game rematch that was just played.While it's not nearly as sexy as knocking Jim Harbaugh's team around on its home turf, the Giants can make an even more emphatic statement over the next two weeks by beating the Redskins and Cowboys." Read more...





    Week 6 Rundown: Faqlcons take over Top Spot, Niners Drop,-niners-drop

    Excerpt: "
    1. Falcons: The only undefeated team in the NFL, and they have won three on the road. The defense forces turnovers and the offense capitalizes on takeaways.

    2. Ravens:
    After a shaky 9-point performance a week ago they put 31 on the Cowboys. Next week they play the Texans with the No. 1 AFC seed on the line. The injuries make holding down this spot very tough.

    3. Giants:
    Teams don't go into San Francisco and win 26-3 and not move up. They played like the world champions and the pass rush came alive.

    4. Texans: The first game without defensive captain Brian Cushing was an eye opener. Next week tells the true tale of the 2012 Texans.
    5. 49ers:
    Last week I debated about the Niners as the top team in the league, and now they have two games Vikings and Giants) that raise questions.

    6. Patriots:
    A very tough loss to the Seahawks, but their whole body of work suggests they are still an elite team. They do get a warning notice for three loses; another one and they slide.

    7. Packers:
    The 42 points on the Texans defense was a statement. The Packers looked like the team that went 15-1 last year and just like the Patriots, they better not slide back.

    8. Bears :
    A week off, and on a three-game winning streak. They could run off three wins coming off the bye with games against Detroit, Tennessee, and Carolina. Next week could be a big jump into the top four.

    9. Seahawks :
    This is a dangerous team with a nasty defense and a smooth rookie QB. Big, big game Thursday night against the 49ers.

    10. Broncos:
    It is starting to come together on both sides of the ball. Once the Broncos figure out how to score in the first half they will be unbeatable." Read more...







    A Giants On-Off Switch

    Excerpt: "I can’t remember a team that could turn it on and off like these Eli-Coughlin Giants can. At least not many.I’m not talking about the schlock clubs you see whipping around from week to week, up and down and erratic and any-way-the-wind-blows. The plebian NFL.

    I mean championship-grade teams, but ones that for some reason don’t mind la-di-da-ing around the neighborhood for a while before they decide to get down to hard business.

    I suppose the old Steelers of 1979 were like that. But that group had an honorable excuse for using the snooze button on occasion. They were old. It was self-preservation. They just couldn’t rev it all the way up anymore without pieces breaking or rattling apart. So they picked their spots.

    In ‘79 I saw them turn it over nine times and get whipped by a nothing Cincinnati team. And I watched them go catatonic out in San Diego, sloppy and disinterested and eight more turnovers. 35-7 losers. Good grief, what’s wrong with the Steelers?
    Then, click! Lock in the seatbelt. Time to play, boys. And the Steelers got very serious and launched into their annual playoff surge then bombed the Rams out of the Super Bowl.

    “We didn’t always have it,” Terry Bradshaw said about that year, the last Super run for the Steel Curtain, “but we knew where it was when we needed it.” Read more...


    Week Six Players Of The Week

    Antrel Rolle / FS / New York Giants

    The Giants dealt the 49ers the most lopsided loss of head coach Jim Harbaugh’s tenure in Week Six, and Rolle picked off 49ers QB Alex Smith twice Sunday, matching his pick total from last season. It was a rematch of last season’s NFC championship game, but the Giants were the only team that appeared to be playoff-caliber in a 26-3 rout. Rolle, who also had a tackle for loss in the game, made both of his picks in the third quarter, setting up a pair of Lawrence Tynes field goals as the Giants padded their lead. It could have been an even more lopsided affair if the Giants’ offense had been able to capitalize on the great field position provided by converting Rolle’s takeaways into touchdowns. The Giants took over at the 49ers’ 12- and 5-yard line to start the possessions following the two picks." Read more...



    ReFo: Giants @ 49ers, Week 6

    Excerpt: "The strength of the NFL resides in the NFC and this week’s matchup was a battle of two of the best. The defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants visited everyone’s power-ranking-darling San Francisco 49ers with the Giants taking advantage of three interceptions from quarterback Alex Smith to roll to a 26-3 victory. Smith’s poor play was the story of the game as his three blunders led to 13 Giants points, including their first touchdown.
    For the Giants, it’s a big road win for the standings, but perhaps even more importantly, they showed the ability to run the ball against the hard-nosed 49ers defense. Despite winning a championship with little to show from the running game last season, New York’s ability to play a physical game up front adds another dimension to a team that is already among the league’s best.All is not lost in San Francisco as the 49ers’ 4-2 record puts them in a three-way tie atop the NFC West. They need to return to the mistake-free, physical football that encompassed the first five games of their season. There’s no time to sulk as fellow NFC West frontrunners, the Seattle Seahawks, come to town this Thursday night.Let’s take a look at how the Giants were able to win their second consecutive game against the 49ers at Candlestick.

    New York Giants - Three Performances of Note

    Pass Rush Returns

    Despite their reputation, it’s been an up-and-down year for the Giants pass rush. They were back on track last Sunday, and they were carried by an unsuspecting pair. While defensive ends Jason Pierre-Paul and Osi Umenyiora get most of the accolades, it was Justin Tuckand defensive tackle Linval Joseph who made the most impact in this game. Tuck is hardly an unknown commodity, but he’s been streaky at best as a pass rusher dating back to last season. He came into this game with only six QB disruptions (sacks, hits, hurries) on the season and more than doubled that total with his one hit and six hurries. He got around 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis on multiple occasions, including forcing Smith to step up in the pocket on his first interception with 14:02 to go in the second quarter. Tuck’s exemplary work came on only 26 pass rush attempts and Sunday was clearly his best game of the season at +2.8 overall (+3.2 pass rush).
    As for Joseph, he added three disruptions of his own with two hurries and a sack which represented the first charged to 49ers RG Alex Boone all season. Joseph beat Boone to his outside shoulder on the 2nd-and-4 play, and set San Francisco back into a 3rd-and-long situation that eventually induced yet another interception out of Smith.

    Wide Receiver Production

    It seems as if Eli Manning is throwing to a different group of wide receivers every week though the results have been consistently good. Victor Cruz (+2.6) has returned back to his 2011 form in recent weeks after a poor first game while Domenik Hixon has been the latest Giants wide receiver to garner the spotlight. While Cruz is generally best out of the slot, it was out wide where he did most of his damage in this game. He ran one of his classic double moves that turned into a comeback along the sideline where he made a nifty catch to stay in bounds at the 7:30 mark of the second quarter. He was lined up outside on his touchdown as well where he created good separation on cornerback Carlos Rogers with a post pattern before snaring the firm throw from Manning for their first score of the game.
    As well as Cruz played, it was Hixon who stole the show in his 22 snaps. It was a second quarter to remember as picked up all four of his receptions. It started at the 12:35 mark as he gained a step on Chris Culliver and made an outstanding adjustment to catch the slightly off-target throw for Manning for a 39-yard gain. Hixon showed his body control again as he beat Culliver on a comeback route on 3rd-and-8, making another great catch along the sideline. He did more fine work on the same route with 1:05 to go as he once again beat Culliver and made the diving catch to keep the chains moving during the Giants 2-minute drill. This was Hixon’s third straight strong game despite his decrease in playing time due to the return of WR Hakeem Nicks.

    Weak Link on the Line

    After Manning saw as much pressure as any quarterback in the league last season, the Giants offensive line has taken a step forward here in 2012. Right tackle Sean Locklear has already been better than last year’s starter Kareem McKenzie though Sunday was Locklear’s worst game of the season with a -2.5 grade. The four disruptions surrendered are not a season high, but they came on only 29 pass block attempts. Locklear barely got off the snap against Ahmad Brooks at the 9:58 mark of the third quarter and Manning was forced to make a quick, inaccurate throw. It was more of the same at the 6:59 mark later in the quarter as Brooks’ quick pressure forced Manning to vacate the pocket at the top of his drop. Locklear’s inability to even slow Brooks down on those two plays prevented the Giants from converting key third down opportunities." Read more...




    Aaron Rodgers on Whether He'll be on the Injury Report: "Probably, Maybe. We'll See"

    NFL: Eagles Jettison Defensive Coordinator

    Pierre Garcon Suffering From Inflamation in Capsule Under Second Toe

    Excerpt: "
    Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said he expects wide receiver Pierre Garcon to miss more time to let his lingering foot injury heal, but exactly how long remains unclear.

    Garcon – signed in the spring to a five-year, $42.5 million contract to be Washington’s leading wide receiver — suffered the injury in Week 1 on his 88-yard touchdown play. He logged 109 receiving yards and a touchdown on four catches in eight plays. But he hasn’t had an impact, and has hardly played, since.

    Garcon missed the next two games, played in Weeks 4 and 5 and missed Sunday’s game after suffering a setback. In those second and third appearances of the season, Garcon recorded only four catches for 44 yards." Read more...

    Eagles have a turnover problem... On offense and defense, notes, rumors, and gossip> Wednesday
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                    Bummer that Jacquian is out for this week's game. He brings a lot to the D and ST with his speed and athleticism. Hope he gets back for the Cowturds game. Thanks RF !
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