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  • What was Spags?

    He didn't do any wonders in St. Louis, especially compared to what Fisher has done in a short time there.

    AND, he hasn't had some dramatic affect on the Saints defense either.

    He was like a god when he left here, with 2 out of every 4 fans thinking we made a HUGE mistake letting him walk instead of ensuring he would replace Coughlin (there was a huge mistake made, but it was the fans that thought he was the next HOF coach here).

    Was he lucky to have a roster like ours? Because he hasn't come even a little close to recreating what he had here. Tough to have a squad like ours on another team, but i mean, no team has scored less than 24 against the saints, including the frickin' chiefs.

    To put it more in an offending fashion, he's no Wade Phillips. Both busted out as head coaches, but only one has had consistently good defenses no matter where he's been a coordinator.

    So what is Spags, and do we need to redefine the god-like status that he can't recreate anywhere else?

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    I never thought he was the and all be all, but he did have a lot of success here. But it's tough to really judge him this year with the Saints and that mess he inherited down there.


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      Spags was lucky to come here to the Giants when he did! he came here and utilized the personnel as an attacking defense.

      his best two years prolly as a coach were with the Giants! so yea i think he was lucky and have the Giants to thank for his progression!


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        I believe he's only effective if he has talented players IMO
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          I don't know guys. Some of the defensive schemes he came up with in Super Bowl 42 was awesome! That's gotta count for something.


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            I think his inexperience was exposed when he left here. I don't blame him for leaving though, who knows if you'll ever be hot again, take the money when it's available.

            “Basically just stay with your man,” cornerback Janoris Jenkins said. “Follow him everywhere you go. Even if he goes to the bathroom, follow him.”


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              I think that the Saints maybe need to do something to get players to fit his scheme.


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                Spags scheme relies heavily on a good D-line, specifically the ends. He supplements that with a lot of different blitzes... the Giants personnel was a perfect match for his style. Some coaches can adapt their defensive to the talent available, some need to acquire the talent to fit their system.
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                  He had probably the least talented team in the league when he was the rams HC. Last season they lost like their top 6 CBs.

                  Saints too have utter crap on defense too.


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                    I think it may have something to do with the name Tom Coughlin. does it ring a bell?


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                      I liked Spagnulo but I when he left I never thought he was the as good as manyy here thought. Only because his body of work. An LB coach then a DC with two really good years. OK....great. But that aint much. I never hung on his jock like so many here did and may still do.
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                        Originally posted by Rudyy View Post
                        I believe he's only effective if he has talented players IMO
                        LoL..... Yeah that helps most coaches.


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                          Originally posted by nhpgiantsfan View Post
                          But it's tough to really judge him this year with the Saints and that mess he inherited down there.


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                            here's the thing though: New Orleans has some seriously talented players on the defensive side of the ball. They even went out in free agency over the summer to make sure of it.

                            Most teams in the league would love to have Sedrick Ellis and Brodrick Bunkley as their top defensive tackles. I'm unsure of how much Will Smith has been playing this year, but Cameron Jordan on the other side of the defensive line is a good, young player that can fit into an NFL defense. They might not have the depth at line that Spag's had during the Giants tenure, but they have players up front.

                            Their linebacking core is really solid. When Vilma is able to play again, they will be starting him, Curtis Lofton and David Hawthorne. You would be lying if you said you wouldn't want either of those three on our team.

                            Their defensive backs are underperforming, but still solid in Jabari Greer and Patrick Robinson at corner, and Roman Harper with Malcolm Jenkins at the safety position.

                            I believe a lot of defenses coordinators in the league would salivate over having that talent. I still think Spag's is capable of making them kick some ***. He's in a very strange situation down there, and I'm really surprised he took on the job when he (as I presume) was offered other defensive coordinator positions in the league. That's just me guessing, as there were several rumors of multiple teams going after him during the off season.


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                              Well, maybe there is some truth to the old addage of: " You can never have enough DE's". And it seems that its not just about those pesky little 270 pound DE's that chase the QB's around but also about the entire D-line that pushes the oppositions O lineback into the QB's lap, disrupts schemes, patterns, timing and just about everything that an offense tries to do. Regardless of how good the skill guys are and regardless of how talented or how well the CB's cover those skill position players, you throw 3 or 4 D linemen with good skill sets at an offense, even great offenses like the 2007 patsies offense, they just can't man up to what those D-linemen bring to bear !!! "Just can't have enough DE's!!!"