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funny thing is this team will and should get better !

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  • funny thing is this team will and should get better !

    Yes we beat SF which is a huge victory. (I hope the players arent all giddy now as we are climbing the Power rankings)

    We have 2nd best scoring offense tied with Skins
    we have top 7 or so Defense in points allowed. (we played 6 games and a lot of others played 5)
    We have 2nd best point differential to the very overrated Bears team.

    We have had some questionable game management calls in 3 or so games in my opinion, 1 costly us a game.

    We have had so many injuries at key spots yet were 4-2

    Reese (my man) and others have really put together a solid team at every position. heck even Pascoe if forced into action would be instrumental.
    We are just complimented everywhere.

    Im not saying were perfect but as long as we get Canty and benard back which I am excited to see Canty, I think our DE's will produce better and not too mention MLB play will be helped by having protection from DT's.

    Wilson is a demon on KR's.

    Running game is giving us balance.

    if Nicks gets completely healthy we should be unstoppable on offense. We beat to me the best Defense in the league with very little from nicks. In a better day we would have put more points on 49ers. Not to mention Killdrive in some of his pass happy plays in redzone. (I know I know)

    If Coe and hosley/ Phillips all get healthy and our pass rush remains in good shape Defensively were going to be good.

    Combine our offense and defense Special teams !! your looking at a strong chance for a repeat.

    I know anything can happen but i cant see us not make playoffs. I looked at schedule all off season and said Yikes why us every year ???

    looking at it now and seeing how we can beat anyone we shouldnt fear. Who pitts ?, GB, ? If we can march in Sanfran and out play them in all aspects than shouldnt we be able to take care of other teams ? if we dont allow a sack in 3 games now, shouldnt we be able to handle anything other teams throw at us ?

    Anyways as a pessimistic poster I have to say we have it good as fans.

    2 SB's in 5 years, both crazy exciting games not too mention we should have had another if not for Plax and shooting incident. Who knows we could win again. I would love to beat Pats again !!!

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    This team has gotten better each game so far this season. (even the loss against the Eagles was a better played game all around than vs. TB.)
    This team has the potential to defeat any other team. However, in other seasons, especially last year, I wondered which team would show up each week. Sunday, If this team plays like it just did, they should spank Washington. That would reconfirm to me that they aren't going to play down to inferior competition, but keep improving.
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