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  • O-Line

    I just wanted to say that I think we are back to having one of the top-notch Offensive Lines in the NFL.

    We finally have guys healthy, and we have some cohesion. Snee has been the glue over the years, but I also really like what Baas and Booth have been doing as well. They are doing a great job protecting Manning, and they are helping Bradshaw play some of his best football that he has played around here.

    If the O-Line can keep up this level of play, we will have a very god team this year.

    Reese and the coaching staff have done an amazing job. They have rebuilt and re-tooled the offensive line, and have managed to win a Superbowl in the process, which is truly amazing.

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    Agreed. And I hate that 70s Giants helmet logo.


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      I won't call them one of the best yet, but if they keep this up a few more weeks then I'll gladly jump on that bandwagon. I've been very impressed, though. And if this unit is for real, then the FO and coaches were right yet again in not spending high draft picks on solidifying it. They're philosophy is one to emulate.


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        Originally posted by Parademon View Post
        Agreed. And I hate that 70s Giants helmet logo.

        The coaching staff has come a long way in getting everyone involved and giving playing time, yet still maintaining the integrity of the team. I've been impressed.