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RG3- a closer look

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  • RG3- a closer look

    by now we've all seen the 75 yd td run highlight among others in rg3's young reel. yes he is capable of making a big play. but what about rg3 as the qb snap after snap. 70% completion? Only TWO ints? he must be unstoppable...well, no not really. not at all.

    The Redskins have imported a lot of what RG3 did at Baylor. Washington seems to run the pistol run option as their base package. I wanted to see what all the hype about RG3 was, and I found that aside from the highlights, which every player has, RG3 is actually not doing much at all. Shannahan seems to be almost protecting him, which I get as he is a rookie.

    But when we watch them tmrw, notice how many times RG3 throws a pass behind the LOS. A strong % of RG3's completions are passes that are behind the LOS. Really, RG3 is the QB of a smoke n mirrors offense, a lot of PA bubble screens/swing passes. A lot of a read option run game...Their offense is basically a college offense.

    Now I'm not trying to take anything away from RG3, he's gonna be a good one. But he's still a rookie, and the offense he's succeeding with is based on things that ask RG3 to make 1 simple read. When he's forced to try and become the qb of an nfl offense, he looks much different.

    I'm gonna go ahead and predict he throws 2 ints and maybe a lost fumble. Our DL is athletic enough to contain that read option bs. RG3 is gonn ahave to make some tough reads, and go thru progressions if they're gonna beat us

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    I remember reading that about his 1st week of play - 75% or so of the passes were behind the LOS.

    Nothing's unstoppable - the whole week leading up to the Carolina game were questions of how in the world were the Giants going to keep up with Newton and their option offense?


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      If 3-3 teams are unstoppable we're in a world of hurt.