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  • What we learned today

    The giants can win a tough divisional game. They didn't look their best but they pulled it.

    We also learned the giants continue to struggle against a mobile qb. The defense has a hard time figuring them out and keeping contain.

    The redskins have a rookie to worry about, although its not the one everyone is talking about. Alfred Morris looked like the real deal running the ball. He burnt our defense and was finishing runs with authority in the first half. Thats what really showed me is the power of his running style. Still waiting to see more of Cam, er RG3 to say he is some one to worry about for the long haul. He showed he can pass, but a majority of his good passes came out of option looks, where the giants were biting all day. We need to get our lbs and safeties better prepared for this.

    I will say this, expectations of eli are high I know, but if you read the board you would think he was the 2nd best qb on the field today, to which I assure you, he was not.