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  • Kiwi back to LB

    We struggled against the run this year. Until last week. Fewell made some moves to help. One move was to drop Kiwi into the D- line. It sure seemed to work. Kiwi is a hell of a run defender and does a damn good job pass rushing as well. This week Kiwi was back to LB and we got run on. Did I see him on D- line in the second half? D stiffened up a bit in the second half. Anyone else think he helps us more on the line?
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    yes he was playing DL in the 2nd half. but iirc, he also got snaps at lb too. but yeah, the 1rst half, kiwi and chase were kinda hurting us not getting back into the passing lanes on the PA. 2nd half, we used more Rivers and Boley personnel groupings...and the d was better. rivers is gonna be a baller, we got to get him on the field. and kiwi vs SF as a DL made more of an impact than he has at LB for the most part...


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      Osi will be gone next year and Kiwi will take his spot at the line. They'll need another DE, however, so that they can continue to rotate and/or play all of them at the same time like they like to. Hopefully it can be Ojomo, but if not, then draft a new DE that they can groom.

      You might even see Tracy take Kiwi's spot at hybrid next year if Kiwi moves back to DE.


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        Kiwi was the SLB for much of the 1st half but was replaced by Rivers in the 2nd half and he played a bit on dline when it was passing situations. Rivers performed better at the LB spot, however.


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          Chase was a non-factor in the first half.


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            last week Kiwi played DE/DT, this week he played DE/LB

            i'd rather him play DE/DT, but maybe with Canty back (altho he clearly was not back and got very few snaps) and J-Will out (not that Kiwi is a passing down LB) .... maybe they decided to put him back in his standard role

            but one thing we've seen is that our staff knows what it is doing, so im hoping they decide to use Kiwi more on the D-line b/c we have so many LBs that we trust .... Rivers seemed to be covering some of what J-Will normally does and also spying a bit on RG3

            i know we gave up way too many rushing yards, but the D made some big sacks and caused TOs in the 2nd half and gave us a chance to win the game, even on a day Eli was off

            and that's how team sports works, you gotta pick each other up ... then when the D finally got burned in the 2nd half ... Eli was like, oh i got your back and completed the winner to Cruz
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              Originally posted by Captain Chaos View Post
              Chase was a non-factor in the first half.
              he was worse than a non factor actually, he had a horendous 1st half.


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                Agree he blew a coverage early and looked awful.

                Fewell had Kiwi linedup at DE at end of game uing Osi, Tuck and JPP all in same package
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