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  • Thoughts on remaining schedule

    8 Sun, Oct 28 @ Cowboys 4:25 PM Cowboys Stadium
    9 Sun, Nov 4 Steelers 4:25 PM MetLife Stadium
    10 Sun, Nov 11 @ Bengals 1:00 PM Paul Brown Stadium
    11 BYE
    12 Sun, Nov 25 Packers 8:20 PM MetLife Stadium
    13 Mon, Dec 3 @ Redskins 8:30 PM FedEx Field
    14 Sun, Dec 9 Saints 4:25 PM MetLife Stadium
    15 Sun, Dec 16 @ Falcons 1:00 PM Georgia Dome
    16 Sun, Dec 23 @ Ravens 1:00 PM M&T Bank Stadium
    17 Sun, Dec 30 Eagles 1:00 PM MetLife Stadium

    nine games left, i am going to say the Gmen go 3-1 at home and 4-1 on the road. with the way the season is shaping up I do not see why going 7-2 for a final record of 12-4 isn't doable. as long as they stay healthy and tighten up the defense and open up the offense, they should be in business for another playoff run. this team can repeat, even if it means going on the road(where they have dominated the last 2 playoff runs as well as the last couple of regular seasons). let's fire it up!!!

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    After having numerous heart attacks yesterday the remaining games should finally kill me.
    The games we have until the bye are games I feel we have to win for a nice little cushion and bring our record to 2-2 in the division which is of utmost important. HOWEVER, I will not be surprised if we are 5-5 at the bye. The way steelers are playing we could and should easily beat them but 'should' is not in the Giants play book. Cincy do worry me. They play tough and if they jump out to an early lead like the browns it will bE much more difficult to break them down.

    Dallas. We should have no fear going into Cowboys stadium. Afterall we are 3-0 I believe @ Dallas. So yeah we could be 8-2 but also easily be 5-5 by the bye week. If you asked me last year do you fear the ravens and I would say hell yeah. Now that game is ours to lose. They look weak on the run and smith is easily fooled by double moves which houstons TE Daniels showed last night. Our defnse can easily make them pass and when it's on flaccos shoulders he usually falls flat. The falcons don't scare me as of yet. Their record is very flattering. The teams they have beaten arent of top qaulity and almost cme up short in a few of them. Yes. Very talented on offense and their wide receivers are darn good. Being at the dome could be advantage for them but we beat them before at the dome and hopefully like the 49ers they are out for revenge for the beating we gave them in the playoffs and hopefully that plays in our favour.

    The saints scare me. And they will continue to do so until we actually beat them. Yeah they looked poor but their offense can put up a lot of points but their defence leaks points. Could be a high scoring game that I hope giants come out on top.

    The only other game I worry about is the packers and skins away. We need 1-1 in this games at least.

    All in all I hope we are atleast 7-3 by the bye and and finish 11-5. However these giants never make it easy so hers to a long heart aching few months.
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      The skins are scary, and the Falcons are playing incredible ball right now as they remain undefeated. The Saints and the Packers are both on the rise as most expected but still think we match up well and can beat both teams. Steelers and Eagles are always tough (while the eagles are a mess right now I would expect them to be ready for us by the end of the season. Bengals, Ravens, and Cowpies can give any team fits. Think it will be a dog fight for the remainder of the season.... if we go 5 and 4 the remaining games, which is not out of the question, then the Giants are 10 and 6 and contenders. The question is can we remain healthy going against this difficult schedule....


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        I have mild confidence in beating the Pies and Bengals. Maybe even Steelers. After the bye we have some toughies. I'm thinking Packers and Skins will go down to us. And the Falcons and Ravens. Hope we can win against the egirls.

        Imo we have to allow Ahmad Bradshaw run, rip and snort while he is healthy and hot. To not do so seems to me we are giving away an advantage we can collect on.


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          Why didn't you post this inside the thread I started hours before? This is why we get clogged up on these boards with a bunch of threads on the same subjects. Like as of sat night we had 5 or 6 prediction threads, lol. Anyway I gave breakdown of wins and losses and most agreed we'd need at least 10 wins and maybe even 11 this year to make it into the playoffs
          Football has been very, very good to us.
          After losing seasons 2013-15, the giants put up 11 wins in 16.. they are on way Back
          But for now we can console ourselves with this fact-

          # of Super Bowl victories since 1985:

          1-Chicago, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Seattle
          2-Washington, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Baltimore
          3-San Francisco, Dallas, Denver
          4-New York Giants!!!
          Let's make it 5 in 2016 so we can be on a LINE NE again!!!

          ***Stat provided by "Schloss22"***


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            the remaining schedule is next week, one at a time

            look how severly the Ravens have fallen off, but by Week 16 they might be back, so while it is interesting and understandable as fans to peek ahead, it's impossible to really know what teams will be playing great, good, bad otherwise

            or how banged up they or we will be
            Apologize to Melo 5


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              Split with Cowboys and Eagles
              Split with Ravens and Falcons
              2-1 with Steelers, Packers, Saints