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My 3 thoughts about this WIN

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  • My 3 thoughts about this WIN

    1. I love Eli......and I at times make excuses for his short comings/failings.....but he had a crap game Sunday. He looked off at times, and the 2 INTs were just sad, hopefully he can fix this.

    2. Victor Cruz........FO PAY THE MAN! We need to show him the $$$$, guy is worth every penny!

    3. I LOVE me some Stevie Brown....and Chase Blackburn. Brown has played well with KP being out, couldn't ask for more.

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    1. Eli has ice water in his veins. I can't figure out why he struggles so much against the Skins of all teams though. I guess they just match up well with us. Eli doesn't play all too well at home either to be honest.

    2. Victor Cruz >>>>>> almost every WR in the league. If we lose him it will be a FO catastrophe.

    3. I don't see much value in KP after this season. He is going to demand a decent salary and we have younger S ready to take his spot and are playing well. I think Hill is the future.

    My thoughts:

    1. Give the defense some credit. After the skins ran all over them they really shut down Morris, and that was the key to the second half.

    2. Webster still struggling. Maybe it's an age thing, but he just can't stick guys in coverage anymore.

    3. Nicks is still injured. He is physical and has great hands, but his top end speed still isn't there. Hopefully it shows up for the Cowboys game against 2 greater corners.

    4. I loved Bradshaw and Coughlin yelling at each other on the sidelines (I think it was motivational). It reminded me of the scene from the movie The Replacements where the coach and player were screaming "get me the ball!"

    5. Andre Brown is still really good. He's what BJ was supposed to be on the goalline. Just power.

    6. Bennett was a great acquisition.

    7. Our O-line struggled and Eli was pressured a lot. It only gets harder against Ware and the Cowboys this week.

    8. Kiwi belongs as a D-End. There was one play (RGIII made a great play to get around it) that Kiwi's bull rush threw the tackle into the guard and almost got a sack. He is a monster. Kiwi >>>>> Tuck and Osi.

    9. Kiwi belongs at End because Rivers belongs in the game on all downs.

    10. Prince Amukamara has shown us something. I'm starting to understand his 1st round draft.

    11. JPP doesn't just sack you, he throws you and then dances gangum style on top of you.

    12. Marvin Austin has been a disappointment based on all his hype. Hopefully he improves with more time on the line.

    13. Osi and Tuck praised RGIII way too much after the game. They need to pull his jock out of their mouths and take a look at the QB who won the game for them.


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      My thoughts:

      The Giants won and made me feel like this at the end of the game.


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        and the quote of the day is:

        Originally posted by VBGiantsFan View Post

        11. JPP doesn't just sack you, he throws you and then dances gangum style on top of you.