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Giants making hard schedule not so hard.

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  • Giants making hard schedule not so hard.

    cowboys just got ran to the min by Panthers, they should not have won the first game now it's on the road vs our road warriors. Giants are coming off of two victories in confident building games, homo will look slow and pathetic now and Eli got his picks out of the way. The Giants should down right bury the cowboys and opens the flutes to let the steam roll. Point is this schedule isn't looking so hard, mainly because the Champs are proving why they won. Because they are resilent, composed and a complete team. I'm expecting a repeat, and Dynasty chatter.

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    Difficulty of schedule is always based on last year's records. Some teams get better and some get worse. Hardly anybody stays the same. The good teams are more likely to get worse, not better. What looks like an absolutely brutal schedule at the beginning of the season doesn't always look so bad by week 8.

    We have to play better at home and take care of business within the division. We do those two things and we'll be fine.

    It's the price you pay for winning the division and a championship. I'll take it.
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