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Stop blaming Gilbride and know what your team is running.

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  • Stop blaming Gilbride and know what your team is running.

    i admit when i saw him at san fran last year during warm ups i yelled "Y TRIPS" which is a favorite of his (3x1 set). in the past i appreciated him and at times i hated him but its not 100% on glibride.

    that int in the 4th qtr after the griffin fumble eli checked out of the play and didn't see the LB drop back in coverage after the snap, you could even see him point at the picture on the sideline after the play. it was a run he changed to a pass, is that on gilbride or on eli? that's eli all day and it will happen from time to time and usually we end up winning the the line of scrimmage checks and i'm sure they will learn from it.

    i like watching the giants because i've been a giants fan since i was kid but i also like what they've been doing the last 4 years under gilbride. i remember the posts in here after plax shooting and how we should get another tall receiver (braylon edwards) and we ended up picking hakeem in the draft. these receivers whether it was nicks/cruz/mario/ballard and now nicks/cruz/hixon/bennett know their assignments in the giants pass offense and its amazing to watch the schemes and adjustments during the game. the best example is cruz game winning TD interview after the game. they bracketed him to take away his inside and outside leverage, he saw the coverage and so did eli and boom TD. if that was plax or shockey they would've ran something different which would've resulted in incompletion or a pick.

    "Read what you see in front of you" 1:55-2:58 Cruz game winning TD Redskins 10/21/12.

    the growing pains in this type of offense is high and Josh Freeman is experiencing it.

    "What’s also obvious is that there have been some head-scratching throws from Freeman in recent weeks, ones where it seems he’s throwing to an opponent or no one at all. At times, it’s a matter of inaccuracy. But in some instances, it’s a product of the quarterback and receiver making slightly different reads." read the article and it sounds like the giants in 05-07...

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    but it's Gilbride's fault!
    Do not feed the trolls.


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      Our top 5 in yards and scoring offense that went 8 for 12 on 3rd down yesterday SUCKS!!