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News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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  • News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Tuesday, October 23, 2012




    Antrel Rolle Says Giants Will Show "Who's The Better Team" Sunday vs. Cowboys

    Excerpt: "The Giants, at 5-2, are riding a three-game winning streak and enter Sunday's game against the 3-3 Cowboys with a chance to create some significant separation between themselves and the rest of the NFC East pack.

    They also will have the opportunity to exact some revenge from the Giants' season-opening 24-17 loss.

    "We didn't like going out there and losing that game," safety Antrel Rolle said in an interview on WFAN this afternoon. "Our first game at home, Wednesday night game, all the bright lights were turned on us and they came here and they whooped our butts, fair and square.

    "They were definitely the better team that night and we'll show them who's the better team come Sunday night."

    Observers claim the Giants are playing the best football in the NFL as they head into a brutal stretch on the schedule. Rolle doesn't think so.

    "I can't say that we're the best team in football right now," Rolle said. "For one, our record doesn't show that, but two, we've been playing good football. I wouldn't say we've been playing great football. I don't think we've been playing to the kind of level I know we can play as a complete unit so at this point in time we're right where we need to be."

    The Falcons own the league's best record at 6-0, while the Texans are 6-1 and the Bears are 5-1. The Giants are one of four teams sitting at 5-2." Read more...


    Cowboys' Sean Lee On Crutches With Sprained Toe, Status Uncertain For Sunday

    Excerpt: "It's Tuesday so we shift our attention to the Giants' next foe: the Dallas Cowboys. The Giants travel to Dallas looking to avenge a season-opening 24-17 and continue digging themselves out of an early 0-2 record in the division. A win would create significant separation between the Giants (5-2) and the Cowboys (3-3) as we reach the midpoint of the NFL schedule.


    Linebacker Sean Lee made his presence felt early against the Giants in the teams' Week 1 meeting when he blindsided rookie David Wilson on his second career carry and forced a fumble. The turnover was an important play in not only the game, but in Wilson's development – he found himself in Tom Coughlin's doghouse and played a smaller role than anticipated through seven weeks. Lee, however, may not suit up against the Giants Sunday. According to Todd Archer of, Lee was in crutches on Monday after spraining in the third quarter of the Cowboys' 19-14 win over the Panthers. Lee was awaiting MRI results and the Cowboys are unsure if Lee will play Sunday." Read more...

    Giants' Hot Topic: Is Ahmad Bradshaw Right? Should The Giants Rin The Ball More?

    Excerpt: "Ahmad Bradshaw certainly isn't shy. As we've seen from him before, the running back again got fired up on the sidelines during the Giants' 27-23 win over Washington on Sunday.

    After a hard smack to Victor Cruz's helmet, Bradshaw also yelled at coach Tom Coughlin to run the ball more (see the video). The Star-Ledger'sJenny Vrentas has more details of the particularly animated exchange between Bradshaw and Coughlin, including reaction from both parties involved." Read more...

    Antrel Rolle Says Giants Looking for "get-Back" Giants Cowboys

    Excerpt: "The Giants earned their first division win Sunday against the Redskins. Up next is a trip to Dallas, to face a Cowboys team that spoiled their season opener by handing the Giants a 24-17 loss.

    "Obviously Dallas beat us the first game of the season, so we are definitely looking for get-back," safety Antrel Rolle said. "We’re definitely looking for some get-back at this point in time."

    Rolle also went on to call this week's game a "must-win." The Giants sit atop their division with a 5-2 record, although their record in the NFC East is 1-2.

    There's also the matter ofCowboys owner Jerry Jones' message to fans this summer at his team's training camp, telling them, “Y’all should come to Cowboys Stadium and watch us beat the Giants’ (butts)." Read more...

    Ahmad Bradshaw Told Tom Coughlin to "Run The Ball" In Animated Sideline Exchange

    Excerpt: "I was just saying, 'Run the ball,' going onto the field," Bradshaw said of his exchange with Coughlin, which took place as the offense ran back onto the field after Stevie Brown's third-quarter interception. "A lot of my emotions kick in, and I just want to help my team win as much as possible."

    Bradshaw is an emotional player, which fuels his aggressive running style. But these kind of emotions have the potential to go the other way, too.

    Coughlin said he hopes they are infectious "in a positive way." To make sure that happens, Coughlin said simply, "it's been addressed," when asked if the incident was something that needed to be brought up today.

    "There’s never been any question about Ahmad Bradshaw’s toughness, his intensity level," Coughlin said. "He plays the game hard. You'd like to have everybody play as hard as he plays, to be honest with you. He gives it everything he’s got, and so you want people to recognize that fact, but sometimes you do have to control yourself and control your emotions, and he’s working on it." Read more...

    Giants' Martellus Bennett says he played his worst game against the Redskins

    Excerpt: "Statisically, Martellus Bennett's performance Sunday against the Redskins was arguably his best as a member of the Giants.

    Actually, scratch that. It was perhaps the best in his five-year career.

    Bennett caught five passes on seven targets for 79 yards. The five receptions are tied for the third-most in his career. The 79 yards were a career-best. The first missed connection with Eli Manning was due to a pass that sailed over his head that was intercepted. On the second, he said he was grabbed by a defender before the throw reached him.

    But Bennett didn't want to hear that today. He called his showing against the Redskins his worst in a Giants uniform.

    "That's the thing about this game," Bennett said. "A lot of people just look at stats. I thought I played better against the 49ers than I played this past week so my thing is just improving and getting better from week to week." Read more...

    Giants' Hot Topic: Is Eli Manning the Best QB in the NFL?

    Excerpt: "
    Last week after the Giantsdismantled San Francisco, we asked you if they were the NFL's best team. Answers were mixed, with some users not even wanting to discuss it because of the overconfidence factor.

    Now, after Eli Manning led yet another fourth-quarter comeback, we want to know if you think he has taken over the title of the NFL's best quarterback." Read more...



    Giants' Insider: Nicks Looking Like Old Self Continues To Play Catchup

    Excerpt: "Hakeem Nicks
    showed flashes of his old burst in Sunday’s win over the Washington Redskins. But Tom Coughlin says the wideout still has a long way to go as he recovers from knee and foot issues that have plagued him throughout this season. “I think he gets a little bit better each week,” Coughlin said Monday. “He’s mentally better. I don’t think he’s always physically able to do the things he wants to do, or we want him to do. But on the whole, he’s OK.”

    Nicks caught five passes for 53 yards on Sunday, after his first full week of practice, and he said he felt less tentative running his routes and “a little bit more confident” in his ability to run and separate.

    “I feel good,” he said. “I feel like I’m getting back into it.”

    It was Nicks’ second game back in the lineup, after three weeks off.

    Nicks has battled lingering pains in the foot he broke back in May, and he’s also struggled with a swollen left knee in recent weeks. With Nicks slowed, Eli Manning has relied more heavily on Victor Cruz, and that connection has continued to thrive.

    But a healthy Nicks would help greatly against the revamped Cowboys secondary this Sunday. Nicks managed just 38 yards against the Cowboys in the season opener, when he was clearly slowed by his foot injury. But he said he hopes to be at full strength in time for this Sunday’s rematch in Dallas, and he added that he will shoulder a full practice load for the second straight week.

    “I think it’ll keep getting better,” Nicks said. “Hopefully by next week, I plan on being my full self.”

    Smith: Ahmad Bradshaw's Energy Right, Delivery Wrong

    Excerpt: "
    It takes a lot of passion and intensity to play football. You see demonstrative expressions every time a player makes an outstanding play.

    Pass rushers have their quarterback sack dances. Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul pulled out his “Ganghem Style” dance after he sacked Robert Griffin III on Sunday. Victor Cruz has his salsa dance after he scores,performing it after his game-winning 77-yard TD against the Redskins on Sunday.

    There are times when passion and intensity spill over and emotions take control of the best players. Such was the case with Ahmad Bradshaw on Sunday afternoon.

    The Giants’ running back had two brief flashes of his emotions getting the best of him in the heat of battle. Once when he smacked Cruz on the back of the helmet after the receiver missed a block, and again when he yelled at Tom Coughlin for not getting him the ball enough.

    Nobody is questioning Bradshaw’s desire to win, his teammates and even Coughlin, bragged about that. However, you can’t go around smacking your teammates in the head to get them going and you can’t show up your coach on the sideline even if he should have been feeding you the ball more." Read more...

    NY Giants Eager for Rematch with Dallas Cowboys to Avenge Jerry Jones' Trash Talking, Week 1 Loss

    Excerpt: "
    Jerry Jones issued an open invitation to anyone who wanted to come to Cowboys Stadium this Sunday to watch his ‘Boys “beat the Giants’ asses.”

    The Giants are more than happy to accept.

    Needless to say, they’re looking forward to their annual visit to Dallas, where they’re 3-0 all-time in Jones’ $1.2 billion palace. And it’s just a little more special this time around because of what Jones said to a crowd of Cowboys fans at the opening of his team’s training camp back in July.

    “Y’all should come to Cowboys Stadium,” he said that day, “and watch us beat the Giants’ asses.”

    The Cowboys already did that once, on opening night at MetLife Stadium. But this is the game Jones had in mind." Read more...

    Bradshaw's Outbursts No Big Deal To Giants

    Excerpt: "
    Tom Coughlin would rather not be yelled at by his ball-hungry running back. And Victor Cruz could live without having Ahmad Bradshaw slap him in the head.

    It was easy for everyone to forgive the fiery Bradshaw, though, one day after his outbursts were caught on camera during the Giants’ 27-23 win over the Redskins. His emotions may have been raw, and his expressions of anger were probably inappropriate.

    But they’ve come to expect it from the intense, passionate, ----year-old whom several teammates said “wears his heart on his sleeve.”

    “Hey, if I’m going to a fight I’m taking Ahmad with me,'' said safety Antrel Rolle. “I love that guy. I love his passion. I love the attitude he beings to a game. He’s a very emotional guy.

    “Nothing he does is meant to be disturbing to anyone else. It may come across like that, but we all know Ahmad is a passionate player. He wears it on his sleeve and I back him 100 percent.” Read more...



    Giants Eager To Make Cowboys' Owner Eat His Words

    Excerpt: "It’s butt-beating time, according to Jerry Jones.

    After winning three straight and surviving the onslaught of Robert Griffin III, the Giants this week already have some motivational fodder for Sunday’s showdown with the Cowboys without anyone uttering a word. That’s because Jones long ago opened his mouth.

    It was back in the summer when the Cowboys owner, speaking to a group of boosters in California on the eve of training camp, exclaimed: “Y’all should come to Cowboys Stadium and watch us beat the Giants’ asses!’’

    The time for the Cowboys to make good on their owner’s promise comes this weekend and you can be sure Jones’ preemptive strike will resonate long and hard with the Giants in the days leading up to the game." Read more...

    Mates OK With Bradshaw's Giant Passion

    Excerpt: "He screamed at his head coach and angrily slapped one of the best players on his own team so hard in the back of the helmet it nearly sent him to one of those NFL concussion specialists for a baseline examination.Yet Ahmad Bradshaw is revered as one of the most meaningful emotional leaders inside the Giants’ locker room.

    Bradshaw is a fire-starter for the Giants, perhaps the next most critical cog in the offensive engine to Eli Manning. He is 214 pounds of pure energy that his teammates feed off of like caffeine in the morning.
    Perhaps this is why, one day after two public outbursts on the field that might otherwise have rubbed people the wrong way, Bradshaw was actually lauded by the two men whose grills he got into on Sunday." Read more...

    Giants' Bennett: "Time To Improve"

    Excerpt: "Tight end Martellus Bennett had his most prolific pass-catching day with the Giants with five receptions for 79 yards in Sunday’s 27-23 victory over the Redskins. He was targeted seven times by Eli Manning and a vital part of the attack.

    Yet Bennett didn’t think he played all that well.

    “I screwed him on a couple of plays,’’ Bennett said, referring to Manning. “I think I played pretty bad. I think the sky’s the limit for us in our relationship, but we got a lot to improve on, me personally.’’

    Manning said on his first interception he was looking for Bennett, and Bennett made the proper adjustment but it was just a bad throw. Still, Bennett expected more from himself.

    “That’s the thing about this game, a lot of people just look at stats,’’ Bennett said. “I thought I played better against the 49ers than I did this past week, so my thing is getting better and improving from week to week.’’

    When told of Bennett’s self-critique, coach Tom Coughlin said: “I would say it’s good of him to be hard on himself. I know he can be a better blocker. I think there’s some things in the pass game that he could’ve done better.’’ Read more...

    Cowboys Hope To Have RB Murray Back for Giants: Report

    Excerpt: "Coming into a big divisional game against the Giants this Sunday in Dallas, the Cowboys have some injury concerns at the running back position.

    DeMarco Murray, who torched the Giants in the first game of the season for 131 yards on 20 carries, was held out of the Cowboy’s 19-14 win over the Panthers on Sunday because of a sprained left foot.

    His backup, Fleix Jones, didn’t play the final two drives of the game because of a bruised knee. Jones also suffered a sprained neck on the second play from scrimmage, and with his health issues, finished the game with 44 yards on 15 carries." Read more...

    Bradshaw, Coughlin, Cruz Downplay Emotional Outbursts During Game

    Excerpt: "One day after the Giants wild comeback win over the Redskins, Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw responded to a couple of emotional outbursts he had in the heat of the moment Sunday.
    Bradshaw slapped teammate Victor Cruz in the back of the helmet after a 15-yard run he made in third-quarter when the Giants receiver missed a block that might have sprung him for a touchdown.

    Later, Bradshaw got into a brief jawing session with head coach Tom Coughlin on his way onto the field for an offensive series.

    On Monday, Bradshaw, who was not seen in the locker room after the game, clarified the incidents as heat-of-battle situations.

    More importantly, both Coughlin and Cruz passed the Bradshaw incidents off as him merely being intense.
    “There has never been any question about Ahmad Bradshaw’s toughness or his intensity level,’’ Coughlin said Monday. “He plays the game hard. You like to have everyone play as hard as he does, honestly.

    “He gives it all he’s got. You want people to recognize that fact, but sometimes you do have to control yourself and control your emotions, and that’s something he’s working on.’’
    Cruz said he was “cool’’ with Bradshaw getting after him on that play.

    “Ahmad is an emotional when he’s out there playing,’’ Cruz said Monday. “It was one of those things that happens. It was just him being emotional on that specific play. It happened and we moved forward from it.’’ Read more...


    Giants' Report Card: Special Teams Gets An "A"

    Excerpt: "Running game: B-minus

    The Giants were stymied, at times, by Washington’s stout front after dominating San Francisco the previous week. They only managed a total of 64 yards on 19 carries, including Ahmad Bradshaw’s 12 carries for 43 yards. Andre Brown returned after missing two games with a concussion and both he and Bradshaw scored on hard-fought 1-yard touchdowns.

    Passing game: B

    A 77-yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning to Victor Cruz erased what had been a shaky-at-best day for the two-time Super Bowl MVP. Manning misfired behind a wide-open Cruz in the end zone in the first half and the Redskins picked him off twice in the second half, giving them six interceptions off him in the last three meetings. The three-game sackless streak ended, but Manning was upright for the most part. Cruz finished with seven receptions for 131 yards and the decisive score. Martellus Bennett and Hakeem Nicks each had five catches, though Manning was upset at missing Nicks on a sideline route that he believed would have put away the game midway through the fourth quarter." Read more...







    Inside the Numbers: QB Manning's TD Pass

    Excerpt: "
    The stunning, thrilling and unforgettable play the Giants used to defeat the Washington Redskins Sunday occurs less than once a year in the NFL.

    Oh, quarterbacks and receivers hook up for numerous long completions, such as the pass Eli Manning threw to Victor Cruz, who turned it into the 77-yard touchdown that gave the Giants their first NFC East victory of the season, 27-23. But very few of them occur with only 1:13 remaining in the fourth quarter, as the Giants’ play did.

    According to the Elias Sports Bureau, that was just the eighth game-winning touchdown of 77 or more yards in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime since the start of the 2000 season. And two of them took place this season. On Sept. 23, Jacksonville quarterback Blaine Gabbert threw an 80-yard touchdown pass to Cecil Shorts with 45 seconds remaining in Indianapolis to give the Jaguars a 22-17 victory over the Colts.

    Manning’s pass to Cruz was the longest game-winning touchdown in the final two minutes of a fourth quarter in Giants history. To find the Giants’ previous long game-winning score so late in a game, you have to travel back 59 years, to Nov. 1, 1953. On that date Arnie Galiffa threw a 75-yard pass to Kyle Rote with seven seconds remaining to give the Giants a 23-20 victory over the Chicago Cardinals in Wrigley Field.
    "


    Upon Further Review: Redskins Game

    Excerpt: "Victor Cruz sounded more like a fictional action hero than an NFL wide receiver when he spoke to reporters today in the Giants’ locker room. “There were a lot of people saying thank you for… I guess I saved the day in some way, shape or form,” Cruz said.

    Indeed he did. Cruz caught Eli Manning's perfectly-thrown pass and sprinted down the field to complete a 77-yard touchdown with just 1:13 remaining yesterday to give the Giants a 27-23 victory over the Washington Redskins. Just 19 seconds earlier, the Giants had fallen behind on Santana Moss’ 30-yard scoring catch.

    Big-play hookups between Manning and Cruz have become regular occurrences in the last two seasons, but this one was truly special. It was still generating buzz today and will be long remembered as one of the best plays in Giants history. It was the longest game-winning touchdown in the final two minutes of a fourth quarter in Giants history.

    Manning continued his remarkable success in late-game situations. It was the 22nd regular-season game in which he rallied the Giants from a fourth-quarter deficit or tie to win. He’s also done it five times in the postseason, including two Super Bowls.

    How, exactly, do he and his receivers get the job done?

    “It’s something we practice a lot and we practice the two-minute and you get excited for those moments that, ‘Hey, we’ve got an opportunity to go win a game right here,’” Manning said today. “You hope that people rise to that occasion, they rise to that challenge and we do. We’re not a team that gets nervous or we’re going to get scared to be in that moment. It feels like when we are behind or we are down, we seem to excel, which is a great quality. I think we’ve got to take that same quality when we’re ahead. You have a lead, you’ve got to protect it and we’ve got to keep that same mentality that let’s attack, let’s go, let’s win the game right here.” Read more...
    Key Plays From Giants vs. Redskins

    Excerpt: These five plays were the most significant in the Giants' Week 7 matchup with the Redskins[/h]1) Manning’s interceptions:

    Eli Manning made the plays when he needed to on Sunday but threw two interceptions that led to the Giants needing fourth-quarter magic once again. The first came with 5:15 to play in the third after the Giants had driven down to Washington’s 26-yard line. The damage was limited, however, when the Redskins turned it right back over on the next drive. But Manning’s second interception proved to be more costly as it gave the ball back to the Redskins on the Giants’ 32. Washington kicked a field goal four plays later and cut the Giants’ lead to four points.

    “That’s something I’ve got to fix and I’ve got to get better and make sure I’m not putting us in that situation, and make the plays when they’re there,” Manning said. “But something we’ve been really good at over the years is the two-minute drive when the game’s on the line and making plays when we need to make plays.”

    2) Brown grabs his third pick of the year.
    In his third straight game starting in place of the injured Kenny Phillips, safety Stevie Brown is making the most out of the role on his new team. The Giants forced four turnovers in Sunday’s victory, including the interception by Brown late in the third quarter following Eli Manning’s first interception. Brown returned it 41 yards into Washington territory, which eventually led to Ahmad Bradhsaw’s one-yard touchdown." Read more...

    GIANTS 101

    Giants' Justin Tuck Says Jason Pierre-Paul Will Change The League

    Excerpt: "The New York Giants' defensive line displayed an explosive pass rush for the second consecutive week, as Big Blue came up with three sacks at home against the Washington Redskins in Week 7. Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, and Jason Pierre-Paul each brought down the elusive Robert Griffin III on separate occasions, which enabled the Giants to keep pace with the Washington Redskins' explosive offense throughout the contest. After the game was over, Tuck expressed his approval for how teammate, JPP, has been playing of late.

    JPP had four tackles and caused a sack/fumble on RG3 as the Redskins were threatening to score with seven minutes left in the fourth quarter. Eli Manning gave the ball right back with an interception on the next play, but JPP and the Giants defense held the 'Skins to a field goal on the ensuing drive. Needless to say, Pierre-Paul's presence had a huge impact on Sunday's matchup, and teammate Justin Tuck thinks the Giants third-year superstar has the ability to a special player.

    "I think he had a lot of fun today," Tuck said. "I think he enjoyed being out there. I honestly think the whole 'Not having fun' [thing] was blown out of proportion. But it was good to see him coming out and making plays. That guy, I think he's going to change the league. If he continues to do what he's doing, he's going to be good for a long time." Read more...



    Chase Blackburn: Helping or Hurting The Giants' Defense?

    Excerpt: "One of the most polarizing topics regarding the New York Giants these days revolves around the performance of middle linebacker Chase Blackburn.

    Is Blackburn's perceived lack of athleticism and ability physically dominate the line of scrimmage killing the Giants, especially in run defense?

    Does Blackburn's intelligence, knowledge of the intricacies of the Giants' defense and his ability to get both himself and kis teammates lined up properly help the Giants' defense more than any lack of physical skills might be detrimental?

    How long is Blackburn going to keep the middle linebacker seat warm forMark Herzlich, anyway?

    So, let's discuss Blackburn.

    Traditional statistics tell us that Blackburn actually leads the Giants in tackles with 42. He has two sacks, two forced fumbles (both Sunday vs. theWashington Redskins) and an interception. So, those raw numbers are not bad.

    Pro Football Focus
    , though, would have us believe that Blackburn is the weak link in the Giants' defense. He is, by far, the lowest-graded player in the PFF +/- system, with a score of -14.7 for season, including what looks like an awful -11.2 score vs. the run." Read more...

    Giants' Roster Power Rankings From 1 - 53, Week 8

    Excerpt: "Here are this week's New York Giants' roster power rankings. If you haven't seen these before we are ranking the roster from 1-53. The most important factor in these rankings is this season's performance, though a player's career body of work is also a factor.

    1. Eli Manning -- More fourth-quarter heroics for Manning. of course, those followed him giving Giants' fans indigestion first. LW: 1

    2. Victor Cruz -- Jason Pierre-Paul was exactly right. Thank God for Victor Cruz. LW: 3

    3. Ahmad Bradshaw -- Arguments with Tom Coughlin aside, Bradshaw's toughness typifies what the giants are all about. LW: 2

    4. Jason Pierre-Paul -- The numbers aren't huge for JPP, but the last two weeks have been much more like what we expect from the Giants best defensive player. LW: 5

    5. Hakeem Nicks -- His impact the past two weeks may not entirely justify this spot, I know. This, however, is me saying simply that Nicks is one of the top five players on this team and his talent means he belongs here.

    6. Linval Joseph -- Yes, I think Joseph's performance thus far justifies moving him this high. LW: 7

    7. Will Beatty -- Not his best week, but Beatty has been terrific overall. LW: 4

    8. Michael Boley -- Pro Football Focus gave Boley a negative score (-1.5) for Sunday. I thought Boley made several excellent plays.

    9. Antrel Rolle -- A quiet game for Rolle on Sunday. LW: 6

    10. Chris Snee -- Playing better than he has in a couple of seasons. LW: 8" Read more...

    Reasons to Celebrate: Eli and the Fourth Quarter

    Excerpt: "There were just under two minutes left and the Washington Redskins were leading the New York Giants, 23-20. With the way the rookie quarterbackRobert Griffin III was playing, it looked as if the Redskins had this game locked up. That is until Eli Manning had something to say about it.

    Manning put on his usual 4th quarter performance and proved once again that games are never actually over until the clock reads 00:00. Despite throwing two interceptions, the second of which could have put the Giants in jeopardy, Manning kept his cool and continued to prove that he's the best in the fourth quarter.

    "Dealing with adversity is a very, very strong suit of his," said coach Tom Coughlin. "He came right out, I walked up to him and said, 'OK, the next play is the most important play, forget that one.' I think he's already done that. He's already digested all of that and on to the next play and looks forward to it, actually looks forward to being in that kind of situation, which is a strong point." Read more...


    Ahmad Bradshaw Outburst Addressed By Tom Coughlin

    Excerpt: "New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin was asked several questions Monday about running back Ahmad Bradshaw, who was temperamental with teammates and argumentative with coaches -- including Coughlin -- on Sunday. To the point where Coughlin finally bristled and asked "is that the only questions we're going to have today is about Ahmad saying 'good morning coach,' to me?"

    "There's never been any question about Ahmad Bradshaw's toughness, his intensity level. He plays the game hard, you'd like to have everybody play as hard as he plays. He gives it everything he's got," Coughlin said. "Sometimes you do have to control yourself and control your emotions and he's working on it."

    Bradshaw gave teammate Victor Cruz a wicked slap in the helmet at one point. He was also seen having words with both Coughlin and running backs coach Jerald Ingram." Read more...

    Giants vs Redskins: Kudos, Wet Willies Review

    Excerpt: "Kudos to ...

    Victor Cruz
    : As Jason Pierre-Paul said after the game "thank God for Victor Cruz." He had seven catches for 131 yards overall. Cruz could have had two other touchdowns, but a somewhat erratic Eli Manning missed him both times.

    Stevie Brown
    : This guy is turning into one of those brilliant under-the-radar acquisitions by Jerry Reese. A pivotal interception Sunday on a ball that was not easy to catch, six tackles and a pass defensed.

    Linval Joseph
    : The big man can certainly play, and he is a whole lot more than just a run-stuffer, which is what he was expected to be coming out of college. Three tackles, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery on Sunday.

    Jason Pierre-Paul:
    An active day for JPP with four tackles, a sack, a forced fumble and another hit on RGIII.

    Justin Tuck: His best statistical day of the season. He had a sack, two hits on RGIII and six tackles (one for loss).

    Chase Blackburn
    : Ended the game with 10 tackles and two forced fumbles. Truth is Blackburn wasn't very good in the first half when the Redskins ran the ball at will. He was much better in the second half, and he has to get props for the forced fumbles.

    Michael Boley
    : All over the field. He had six tackles, many of them excellent. Also deserves some credit for the Stevie Brown interception as it was his perfect drop into coverage that seemed to cause Robert Griffin III to double-clutch.

    Ahmad Bradshaw
    : The overall numbers are not impressive (12 rushes, 43 yards and four receptions for 22 yards). How hard he worked to get every one of those yards, and the fire he showed throughout the game, was.

    Hakeem Nicks
    : Had five catches for 53 yards. He, obviously, is not yet 100 percent. He is giving the Giants everything he has, however, and his presence is huge for the Giants' offense.

    Martellus Bennett
    : Five catches for the massive tight end, including a 31-yarder." Read more...









    Bennett Unhappy With His Game vs. Washington

    Excerpt: "A day after recording a new season high of 79 receiving yards on five catches, tight end Martellus Bennett gave himself a thumbs down for his performance.

    “I think I played pretty bad yesterday,” he said, declining to get into specifics. “I screwed (Eli Manning) on a couple of plays.”

    Bennett, who said he thought he had a better game against the 49ers, was the target of Manning’s first interception, but the quarterback, as usual, wasn’t pointing fingers for the blame.

    “They kind of fooled me on the coverage,” he said. “ I thought it was going to be two-man and the corner came off and I think Martellus saw it and so he slowed down to try to stop in the little hole right there and I didn’t see the corner come off and he made a good play.” Read more...







    Victor Cruz Focusing on Game, Not Tiny Giants' Contract

    Excerpt: "Guess what? Victor Cruz isn't going away.

    The New York Giants receiver leads the team and ranks third in the league with 50 receptions through seven games. He's on pace for 114 catches, 1,433 yards and 16 touchdowns in just his second season as a starter.

    These numbers don't align with his puny contract. Cruz is making just $540,000 this year, and there's little talk -- beyond hints from the team -- of a new deal. He becomes a restricted free agent in 2013.

    "I just kind of want to block it out," Cruz told Bob Glauber of Newsday on Monday. "I feel like if I start thinking about it, it will start consuming me, and I don't want it to get that way. I just want to block it out and focus on football, and I think I've been doing a good job of that." Read more...

    Eli Manning's Late Game Saavy Nothing New to Giants

    Excerpt: "Ninety-two seconds.

    You can't fully microwave a Hot Pocket in 92 seconds. Or fill your gas tank. Or -- trust us on this one -- cash a check at the local bank.

    Ninety-two scant seconds.

    To Eli Manning, though, that kind of time must seem like an eternity. Especially when he actually needed just 19 seconds on Sunday to rescue the New York Giants from the Washington Redskins andsecure a 27-23 victory.

    "With our offense and with Eli at the helm," wide receiverVictor Cruz said, "we're never really too worried."Giants linebacker Michael Boley: "We have the best quarterback in the league. It's never over."

    In his ninth season, Manning continues to redefine -- and refine -- what it means to be clutch. And his teammates realize it, which is vital. They don't sweat on the sideline.

    "I've been on this team for three years," Jason Pierre-Paul said. "I know how Eli works."

    "Does he ever cease to amaze me? No," coach Tom Coughlin said. "When his back is up against the wall, that's when he does his best work."

    Opponents are also aware of this. And never underestimate the effect it can have on them, knowing that as long as time remains, a cold-blooded closer -- or home-run hitter, depending on your perspective -- is waiting to win a tight game for the Giants.

    Next time, there's no doubt the Redskins will remember that.

    "Right now, (Manning) is (the best late-game quarterback in the league)," Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson said. "He won this one." Read more...





    Giants-Cowboys Point Spread

    Excerpt: "
    Eric Mangini, Tim Hasselbeck, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss Dallas being favored by one point over New York." WATCH VIDEO

    Giants Seeking Revenge vs. Dallas Cowboys

    Excerpt: "
    The New York Giants barely have had time to catch their breath from trying to outlast super rookie Robert Griffin III.

    And now they must focus their attention toward Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys for what will undoubtedly be another hotly contested and mentally, physically draining NFC East battle.

    Payback will be on the minds of several Giants this week as they head to Cowboys Stadium where Jerry Jones invited Dallas fans to "watch us beat the New York Giants' ***" earlier this summer.

    "Obviously, Dallas beat us the first week of the season and we're definitely looking for get-back," Antrel Rolle said. "We're definitely looking for some get-back at this point in time."

    It has been an emotional three weeks for the Giants. The defending world champs were highly motivated to smother the San Francisco 49ers in an NFC Championship Game rematch. Then last Sunday, the Giants escaped -- as Osi Umenyiora succinctly put it -- a 12-round bout with RG3 and the Redskins that went down to the final two minutes." Read more...

    Giants' Ahmad Bradshaw Wanted Bigger Role

    Excerpt: "
    New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw said his heated exchange with coach Tom Coughlin during Sunday's victory over the Washington Redskinswas a plea to run the ball more.

    Bradshaw was even more emotional than usual during the game, at one point also strongly slapping teammate Victor Cruz on the back of the helmet. All of this took place in the third quarter of New York's 27-23 win.

    Bradshaw and Coughlin shouted at each other as the Giants offense was going back on the field at the end of the third quarter.

    "I was just saying, 'Run the ball,' going onto the field," Bradshaw said of his exchange with Coughlin. "A lot of my emotions kicking in. I just want to help my team win as much as possible."

    Coughlin said he has addressed the issue with his running back.

    "There's never been any question about Ahmad Bradshaw's toughness, his intensity level," Coughlin said. "He plays the game hard. You know, you like to have everybody play as hard as he does. He gives it everything he's got.

    "And so, you want people to recognize that fact, but sometimes you do have to control yourself and control your emotions. And he's working on it." Read more...



    Week 7 Power Rankings

    Except: "1. Falcons (five first-place votes): They’ll have to wait until January to exorcise their playoff demons. For now, they’ll have to settle for another crack at further erasing the memory of Mike Vick.

    2. Giants: The schedule gets difficult now, which is good for a team that can’t get focused when it’s time to play inferior foes.

    3. Bears: A week after Cam Newton broke out the term “sweetheart,” the Bears could be calling him slightly stronger names.

    4. Texans: The blowout of the Ravens was a welcome bottle of Listerine for that mouthful of Limburger.

    5. 49ers: The nagging feeling that Alex Smith can’t take this team where it wants to go won’t go away.

    6. Packers: With Jacksonville and Arizona heading to Lambeau Field, do the next two weeks qualify as preseason games?

    7. Patriots: The Pats are blowing fourth-quarter leads like it’s Super Bowl XLVI. Or Super Bowl XLII.

    8. Seahawks: Russell Wilson can take this team a lot farther than anyone realizes. Especially once they get guys who can catch his passes on a consistent basis.

    9. Ravens: Joe Flacco really is a top-five quarterback. In his division.

    10. Vikings: Enjoy the ride while it lasts. After Bears-Packers-Bears, it’ll be over." Read more...










    NFC East Spin Cycle: Cruz-Manning Again The Difference

    Excerpt: "With the Eagles on bye, the Giants kept their ascension in the division by fending off the Redskins in a barn burner and the Cowboys stayed alive with a win in Carolina. The Giants and Cowboys will meet next week in Dallas that looms as a critical game for the home team.


    What we learned:
    The Giants are in the discussion for being the best team in the NFL (again) after their 27-23 victory over the Redskins. Eli Manning and Victor Cruz overcame some missed connections earlier in the game to hook up for a 77-yard score that the Redskins couldn’t rebound from in what was a back-and-forth game. The Giants forced four turnovers, sacked Robert Griffin III three times and made the key stop at game’s end. At 5-2, the Giants lead the NFC East by more than a game and they continue to find new ways to win game, even if the names — Manning and Cruz — are often the same.

    What’s in store next:
    The Giants head to Dallas to kick off a tough four-game stretch — at Cowboys, vs. Steelers, at Bengals, vs. Packers — before they have to face Griffin and the Redskins again. This stretch, starting with Sunday’s victory, looms large. Yes, the team survived a four-game losing streak in this range a year ago, but slumping that badly twice and expecting to be a title contender would be unlikely. The Cowboys fought back to 3-3 but are vulnerable, even at home, where they were blown out by the Bears on a national stage. This one is a Sunday afternoon game matching the first- and second-place teams in the NFC East, with the Giants looking to avenge their season-opening loss at the hands of the Cowboys at MetLife Stadium.

    What the heck?
    Before the Giants head to Dallas, they will focus on fixing their run defense. It was fairly putrid, though the Cowboys’ Tony Romo isn’t as dynamic a running threat as Griffin. The Redskins threw a lot of option plays at them, but the Giants just played bad assignment football. They overran plays, took bad angles and pursued and tackled poorly. It resulted in 248 yards on the ground for Washington. It’s one thing for Griffin to rip off a 28-yard run and finish with 89 on the game (on nine carries), it’s quite another for Alfred Morris to gash the Giants for 120 yards, including a long of 30 and many coming on basic power plays, and for FB Darrel Young (he of the 17 career carries) to go for 16 yards on one attempt. Most of the damage came in the first half, and the Giants did force a key Morris fumble to turn the tide in the second half. But that kind of 60-minute effort won’t cut it going forward, especially against Murray (who broke their backs with a 48-yard run in Week One), if he returns from injury." Read more...



    PFF ReFo: Redskins @ Giants

    Excerpt: "Ah, so this is football. Last week I had the ‘pleasure’ of spending eight hours with a rewind button examining the Chiefs attempting to take on the Buccaneers and praying for a contest. Well, this game met that criterion in every sense of the word. Five lead changes, some excellent passing, running and blocking with a smattering of decent defense thrown in to keep things meaningful.

    While the Redskins may have lost, the way Robert Griffin III is playing their season is already a success. Together with his coaches, they have taken a franchise that was struggling to remain relevant in the NFC East and made it as exciting and difficult to beat as any of the other teams in the division. They’ve still got a ways to go, and it’s possible that just as the offense begins to take shape the defense may be showing signs of decay, but it’s encouraging.

    The Giants will be delighted with the win, but underlying a decent record they are also a team with new strengths and some developing weaknesses. Let’s check it all out.

    Giants – Three Performances of Note

    V for Victor (y)
    By George, the young scamp has gone and done it again. Victor Cruz (+2.1) seems to be making rather a habit of pulling the Giants out of a hole. On this occasion he just blew past two (rather pedestrian looking) defenders en route to a game-winning 77-yard score. However, that was just icing as he’d already had a pretty solid day regardless, playing on all bar one pass play and generating four first-down receptions. For the season he’s broadly playing 50% of his snaps in the slot and that was again the case in this game, splitting his 58 plays right down the middle, outside and slot.With Hakeem Nicks still looking a little less than healthy, Cruz is picking up the slack and enjoying every minute of it.

    Secondary Salvage
    With Kenny Phillips still ruled out by knee injury the New York secondary is shipping water badly and often looks close to sinking. Corey Webster looks like his confidence is shot (this was his seventh negatively-graded game out of seven this year) and Jayron Hosley is a long way from the finished article. Among the corners it’s falling to Prince Amukamara (+1.7) to keep things on an even keel. After coming back from injury in Week 3 he’s consistently played well and again he looked the pick of a poor bunch. Although his stats don’t scream ‘Amukamara Island’ just yet (three receptions on five targets for 41 yards with a pass defensed), he’s been reliable and that, in the context of this defense, is extremely valuable.

    Where’s the Rush?
    When people talk about the best current pass-rushing defensive lines, the Giants still frequent many lists, but I’m not sure why. The Giants simply aren’t as productive as they used to be, and chief among the culprits is Osi Umenyiora (-0.3). It’s not that he was shut out here (indeed he picked up a sack and hurry on 21 attempts to get to the QB) but he just doesn’t strike fear into offensive tackles as he used to. Last year his 11.3 pass rushing productivity rating was eighth among 4-3 ends, but this year that’s down to 7.3 and he’s plummeted to 33rd (just one place above team-mate Justin Tuck).This is a line that is now basing its reputation on one player, Jason Pierre Paul, and as the others production falls so does his. It needs Umenyiora to re-find his mojo, and quickly." Read more...





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    No major injuries after Sunday is good news.

    On to Irving Texas.

    Thanks for the news!


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      Originally posted by Old Giant View Post
      No major injuries after Sunday is good news. On to Irving Texas. Thanks for the news!
      No new injuries is huge for us. Nicks not being any worse off after the game is also a huge plus
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        thanks Roanoke!

        Stevie Brown with 3 picks so far! he has really stepped in for KP!

        would be nice if he picked up a coupla more on Sunday. lol


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          Originally posted by BigBlue1971 View Post
          thanks Roanoke!

          Stevie Brown with 3 picks so far! he has really stepped in for KP!

          would be nice if he picked up a coupla more on Sunday. lol
          Stevie Brown and Jayron Hosley should provide a bright future for us
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            thanks Kid......
            gotta love Benne'ts attitude. The guy just wants to get better all the time. Love it....
            "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
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              Thanks bro.

              “Basically just stay with your man,” cornerback Janoris Jenkins said. “Follow him everywhere you go. Even if he goes to the bathroom, follow him.”


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                Originally posted by GameTime View Post
                thanks Kid......
                gotta love Benne'ts attitude. The guy just wants to get better all the time. Love it....
                Bennett, in this regard, seems a lot like Eli
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                  Originally posted by BeatYale View Post
                  Thanks bro.
                  You're welcome
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                    Originally posted by RoanokeFan View Post
                    Bennett, in this regard, seems a lot like Eli
                    Eli is the "white unicorn"...
                    "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
                    You couldn't be more full of **** if you were break dancing in a Port-a-Potty.......Kruunch


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                      Originally posted by GameTime View Post
                      Eli is the "white unicorn"...
                      And Cruz the Galloping Ghost?
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                        thanks ro


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                          Originally posted by derekunion28 View Post
                          thanks ro
                          You're welcome
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                            Spent the week-end in Napa RF. Thanks for making it easy to catch up. PS watched the game coming home on Sunday. Saw Cruz's catch just before we hit the gate. Didn't see what came after that but our phones were on so we were able to follow the end-game.
                            No one remembers who came in second.


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                              Thanks RF !
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