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News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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  • News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Wednesday, October 24, 2012




    Giants' Eli Manning Says He Created Bad Habits Early In His Career to Keep Veterans Happy

    Excerpt: "The Giants, minus Victor Cruz, have had a carousel of wide receivers due to various injuries. Eli Manning, however, has continued playing at a high level without a blip and is perhaps off to the best statistical start of his career throwing to an assortment of targets.

    Manning, who leads the NFL in passing yards (2,109), credits the stable success on establishing a confidence and a comfort level with each of his weapons from Hakeem Nicks on down to rookie Rueben Randle.

    "As a quarterback you always want to trust your guys and I tell them that I don't have favorites, I'm not going to force it to one guy," Manning said today. "I’ve got a read and a progression. If you want to know what my progression is, I'll be happy to tell you. And I'm going to stick to that. If you're my first read, it's your job to get open. If you're not, then I'm going on to the next guy. I'm going to stick to those progressions and have faith that if you're the first read that you're going to get open for us." Read more...

    Giants' Victor Cruz Says He Won't Consider Holding Out For New Contract

    Excerpt: "Victor Cruz is third in the NFL with 50 receptions. His 627 receiving yards place him third. The seven touchdowns put him in a three-way tie for first.

    But his salary doesn't rank anywhere near the top. He is making $540,000 this season, the final of his rookie contract. In an interview on WFAN Tuesday, he admitted he would like a new contract by season's end.

    He, however, won't consider holding out to avoid risking injury, which he saw was suggested by an NFL analyst on Twitter today.

    "I should hold out, right? [It will] never happen," Cruz told reporters. "Because if I'm going to do that I might as well do it in the beginning of the season, and not wait when I'm doing so well, and just hold out. I want to continue to help my team win.

    "The team's going to panic if I hold out. That's not me. I just want to go out and play football and continue to be myself." Read more...

    Giants' Hakeem Nicks Has A "Great" Practice, Says He's A Lot Healthier

    Excerpt: "Hakeem Nicks' numbers in the Giants' Week 1 matchup against the Cowboys suggest rookie Morris Claiborne made a significant impact in shutting the wide receiver down in his first career game.

    Nicks doesn't see it that way. He said he was limited to four receptions for 38 yards because he was still transitioning to game speed two weeks after returning from a 12-week layoff due to foot surgery with just a one preseason game under his belt.

    Soreness in his right foot limited his burst in and out of breaks as he was testing his boundaries.

    "It was the first game and I was coming from foot surgery and I was trying to play it out and see how my foot was," Nicks said. "I don’t think it was nothing that he did or nothing that they did." Read more...

    Deangelo Hall Says Redskins Gave Giants 77-Yard Game Winning Touchdown

    Excerpt: "Eli Manning and Victor Cruz delivered a thrilling finish to Sunday's 27-23 win against the Redskins, courtesy of their game-winning 77-yard touchdown connection.
    A few days later, the Redskins weren't willing to give much credit to the Giants quarterback.

    "I don’t feel like he made that play. I feel we gave him that play," Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall said,
    via the Washington Examiner. "We just had one guy set his feet, and one guy not do this. I could have thrown that ball, and he would have scored. It wasn’t something where he was a rocket scientist, and he figured something out. We just played that as bad as possible.” Read more..


    Giants' David Baas, Ahmad Bradshaw Not Practicing Today

    Excerpt: "Center David Baas and running back Ahmad Bradshaw will be sidelined during today's practice.

    Baas is a new addition to the injury report with an ankle injury coach Tom Coughlin said was sustained early in Sunday's win against the Redskins. Asked if it is less of a concern since Baas was able to finish the game, Coughlin said, "Well, he's not going to practice today."

    Jim Cordle and Kevin Boothe could both take practice snaps at center today, Coughlin said.

    Bradshaw will be held out again with a foot injury that flared up in the 49ers game when he said his foot was stepped on. Coughlin hopes Bradshaw will be able to practice Thursday, but this is the start of a once-a-week practice habit Coughlin said they did not want to re-start with Bradshaw.

    "Well, I don't know," Coughlin said, when asked if the once-a-week practicing is becoming a pattern. "This is the second week. He clenches his teeth and goes and does it, but the fact of the matter is if we have to adjust, we have to adjust."

    In better news for the Giants, WR Hakeem Nicks (foot/knee) plans to again practice every day this week. He did so for the first time this season before the Redskins game." Read more...

    A Look Back At The Giants 27 - 23 Win Over The Redskins

    Excerpt: "In 10 seconds and 77 yards, the Giants made right any previous errors they had made in Sunday’s game against the Redskins.

    That’s how long it took forVictor Cruz to adjust his option route based on the Redskins’ coverage, for Eli Manning to read the play the same way and fire the ball to his trusty slot receiver, and for Cruz to race up the numbers into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown with 1:13 to play.

    “That time (the safety) got a little aggressive,” Manning said, “and we had the perfect play call.”

    Manning referred to Washington’s Madieu Williams, who played low and outside, in better position to take away an outside-breaking route. So Manning and Cruz knew they could take advantage up the seam. Cruz blew past cornerback Josh Wilson, and Williams was in position only to chase.

    “We’ve been running that play a long time; we’ve had great success on it,” Manning said. “It’s one of those things where you have to hold it an extra second sometimes just to make sure he’s doing exactly what you think, but he didn’t give any indication he was doing something else. It was full speed the whole way, and I let it go and took a hit, and heard the crowd cheering, so I figured that was a good sign.” Read more...

    Giants' Domenik Hixon Driven By Season-Opening Loss To Cowboys

    Excerpt: "Giants receiver Domenik Hixon was in Lyons this morning to visit the construction site of an apartment complex that will help provide affordable housing to military veterans, with the help of a multi-million dollar partnership involving stadium naming partner MetLife.

    Hixon visited with more than 75 veterans and staff on-site, many of whom are Giants fans, and was asked one question more than a few times: "Why did you have to make it so close Sunday?"

    Hixon was happy to recount his team's 27-23 win against the Redskins. But he also said that on Sunday night, he and his teammates turned their attention turned to the next division showdown: A rematch in Dallas this Sunday, with a Cowboys team who beat the Giants in Week 1.

    "Besides everything else," Hixon said, referring to the teams' rivalry, "they beat us on national television to start off the season. That was a long (11) days before we got to play again." Read more...

    Giants' Receiver Victor Cruz Hopes To Receive A New Contract Before Season's End

    Excerpt: "Victor Cruz’s No. 1 focus is making more plays like his 77-yard game-winning touchdown against the Redskins on Sunday.

    But the Giants receiver’s contract situation is enough on his mind that he has a timeline for when he’d like to get a new one.

    “We would like to get it done before the season’s (over),” Cruz said Tuesday in his weekly spot on WFAN Radio. “We don’t want to drag it along, and (have it) become something that blocks the team in the offseason, and something that is in the media every day. We don’t want it to get like that. We want to just knock it out halfway through the season, or during the season at the very least, and put it behind (us).”

    Antrel Rolle Says Giants Will Show "Who's The Better Team" Sunday vs. Cowboys

    Excerpt: "The Giants, at 5-2, are riding a three-game winning streak and enter Sunday's game against the 3-3 Cowboys with a chance to create some significant separation between themselves and the rest of the NFC East pack.

    They also will have the opportunity to exact some revenge from the Giants' season-opening 24-17 loss.

    "We didn't like going out there and losing that game," safety Antrel Rolle said in an interview on WFAN this afternoon. "Our first game at home, Wednesday night game, all the bright lights were turned on us and they came here and they whooped our butts, fair and square.

    "They were definitely the better team that night and we'll show them who's the better team come Sunday night."

    Observers claim the Giants are playing the best football in the NFL as they head into a brutal stretch on the schedule. Rolle doesn't think so.

    "I can't say that we're the best team in football right now," Rolle said. "For one, our record doesn't show that, but two, we've been playing good football. I wouldn't say we've been playing great football. I don't think we've been playing to the kind of level I know we can play as a complete unit so at this point in time we're right where we need to be."

    The Falcons own the league's best record at 6-0, while the Texans are 6-1 and the Bears are 5-1. The Giants are one of four teams sitting at 5-2." Read more...



    Deck The Hall: Giants Fire Back at 'Skinned Corner

    Excerpt: "
    “I don’t feel like he made that play. I feel we gave him that play,” Hall said. “We just had one guy set his feet and one guy not do this. I could have thrown that ball and he would have scored. It wasn’t something where he was a rocket scientist and he figured something out. We just played that as bad as possible.”

    Countered Manning: “I appreciate him giving it to me. Thank you … I didn't think it took a rocket scientist to figure it out, either. We had a guy running open and we hit him.”

    And added Justin Tuck: “Well, DeAngelo is not that smart if they gave it to them. I love how DeAngelo plays. He is an awesome player. But to give a person a game-winning touchdown …” Read more...


    Eli Manning Is Presiding Over The Greatest Era of Giants' Football In The Team's Lon, Storied History

    Excerpt: "
    There has never been a better time to be a fan of the football Giants than right now.

    Go back as far as you want, throw in the 1950s and early 60s, when the Giants were as big-city glamorous as any team we've ever had in any sports, even if they went to six championship games and only won one.

    This is better.

    Over the past five years, there has been no team more fun to root for, in any sport, than the Giants of Tom Coughlin, mostly the Giants of Eli Manning.

    Giants fans know why: Because every Sunday has a chance to be like last Sunday. Every Sunday you know there is a chance for another comeback or another fourth quarter, every Sunday there is a chance that when Eli is up against it he can haul off and throw one to Victor Cruz the way he threw one to Mario Manningham in the last Super Bowl.

    Heat fans might want to argue with you about this, especially if LeBron's first title is only the beginning for him and for his team. They might want to argue in San Francisco if their baseball team can somehow win their second World Series in three seasons, win it after coming from 0-2 behind in a five-game series and 1-3 down against the defending champions of the world, might want to say that there is nothing better right now than being a fan of the baseball Giants.

    Fans of the football Giants know better."

    Big Blue Ignores Cowboys' Owner's Big Mouth

    Excerpt: "
    The “get-back” that Antrel Rolle said the Giants are looking for on Sunday has nothing to do with Jerry Jones.

    The real motivation, according to the Giants’ fiery safety, is his team’s dismal and embarrassing performance against the Cowboys at the Meadowlands on Opening Night. That was a national stage for the defending Super Bowl champions. Then the Cowboys stole their spotlight with a 24-17 win.

    On Wednesday, during his weekly appearance on WFAN radio, Rolle said “we owe those guys” for that.

    “We didn’t like going out there and losing that game,” Rolle said. “Our first game at home, the Wednesday night game, all the bright lights are shining on us, and they came here and whupped our butts, fair and square. They were definitely the better team that night.

    “We’ll show them who’s the better team on Sunday night.”

    According to Jones, though, the Cowboys will be the better team on Sunday, even though they’ve never beaten the Giants at Cowboys Stadium (0-3). After all, he’s the one who invited Cowboys fans back in July to come to his $1.2 billion palace this weekend to “watch us beat the Giants’ asses.” Several Giants admitted on Monday that they haven’t forgotten that brash statement from the mouthy owner.

    Rolle, though, said the Giants just brush the talk off." Read more...

    Cruz Hoping For Long-Term Deal

    Excerpt: "
    Victor Cruz wants to spend his entire career with the New York Giants, and he hopes the team helps him make that happen soon.

    Though Cruz is still almost a year-and-a-half away from being an unrestricted free agent, he again expressed hope on Tuesday that he and the Giants will agree on a long-term contract long before he hits the open market in March, 2014. In fact, in his weekly WFAN appearance, he said he hopes it happens much sooner than that.

    Like maybe sometime in the next few weeks.

    “We would like to get it done before the season's (over)," Cruz said. “We don’t want to drag it along and (have it) become something that blocks the team in the offseason, and something that’s in the media every day. We don’t want it to get like that. We want to just knock it out halfway through the season, or during the season at the very least, and put it behind.”

    Whether they can depends, as always, on the price. Cruz is making $540,000 this season. And considering he set a franchise record with 1,536 receiving yards last season and this year he’s third in the NFL in catches (50), fourth in yards (627) and first in receiving touchdowns (seven) it’s a good bet he’ll get the “first-round” tender when he becomes a restricted free agent in March. That tender was worth $2.7 million this year." Read more...

    With The Game On The Line, Eli's The Mann

    Excerpt "
    A few years ago, when I was writing Eli Manning: The Making of a Quarterback, Ernie Accorsi kept giving me the same great line, over and over again, about how you define what a great quarterback is. He said the only way to judge is “Can they take their team down the field, with the championship on the line, and into the end zone?”

    Obviously Manning has now done that twice in Super Bowls and countless times during his NFL career. He now has 24 comeback victories – games in which his team trailed in the fourth quarter before he rallied them to win. He’s becoming one of the greatest clutch quarterbacks of all time.

    Which brings me to this question: Right now, if your team was trailing in the fourth quarter, is there any other quarterback in the league you’d want on your side?

    OK, most of you are Giants fans so I’m sure the answer is “No.” But my point is this: Last year we debated whether Eli was “elite”. To me, the debate right now, should be whether he’s the best quarterback in the NFL. I know the Redskins game was far from his best, but all quarterbacks have bad quarters, halves or just ugly throws and moments. And I know some other quarterbacks (like Aaron Rodgers) have gaudier stats.

    That’s fine. But since the beginning of last season, Manning’s stats have been at least on par with every other quarterback in the NFL, and I’m not sure any of the others have been as clutch as he’s been. Add in the handicaps – the struggles in the rushing game, the injuries at receiver – and really, who’s been better?

    That incredible fourth-quarter comeback against the Bucs? That was all Manning. That 77-yard touchdown pass from Manning to Victor Cruz to beat the Redskins? How many other quarterbacks even attempt that throw?

    So again I ask: Game on the line and you’ve got your choice of any quarterback in football. Who do you want leading your team?" Read more...



    Step Aside Aaron, Tom, and Drew - Eli Manning Is The League's Best Quarterbacl

    Excerpt: "By now, calling Eli Manning elite is like calling the late George Steinbrenner bossy, or Leona Helmsley the Queen of Mean. No need to insult our intelligence.

    It is time to crown Eli Manning the King.

    King Eli.

    The King of NFL Quarterbacks.

    If you are talking solely about pinpoint accuracy, then Aaron Rodgers has to be your man. Rodgers can sling it better than anyone and has seamlessly filled the giant shoes of Brett Favre. Cheeseheads will be quick to remind anyone with a New York bias that their A-Rod has far better mobility than King Eli as well. Fair enough.

    Tom Brady, with his three rings (five if King Eli weren’t standing in his way), and Drew Brees, a record-breaking machine, deserve to be in any conversation. Gym rats with golden arms and superior leadership skills. And some precincts might vote for Peyton Manning, shaking off the rust the way he is following the four neck surgeries and a year away. Ben Roethlisberger, with his two rings, remains elite. Matt Ryan is making his elite move. Andrew Luck and RGIII are tomorrow’s elite.

    Here’s how I judge them:"

    Antrel Rolle: Cowboys Should Get Ready For Giant Payback

    Excerpt: "The Giants are 0-1 against the Cowboys this season, but when the NFC East rivals square off again this weekend, safety Antrel Rolle says, “We will show them who is the better team.’’

    Rolle said Sunday’s rematch with the Cowboys will not have the same ending as the season-opening 24-17 loss back on Sept. 5.

    “We didn’t like losing that first game, at home, all the bright lights shined on us and they came here and whupped our butt, fair and square,’’ Rolle said yesterday on his weekly WFAN spot. “They were definitely the better team that night and we will show them who is the better team come Sunday night.’’

    Ramping up the rhetoric, Rolle added, “We’re going to go play our game. We’re going to play very efficient, very confident and we’re going out there ready to be some head-busters.’’

    Looking back on the opening loss, Rolle said the Giants got beat, no doubt about it, and some payback is required." Read more...

    Cruz Would Like A New Contract During The Season

    Excerpt: "It has never been a secret or an issue that Victor Cruz wants a new contract and wants to remain with the Giants. He’s said often that he’ll be patient and wait his turn, if something can get done during the season, great, if not he’d wait. Cruz always maintained he didn’t want his financial desires to become a distraction.

    Cruz reiterated that sentiment Tuesday during his weekly WFAN spot, stating he would still like to get a new deal done during this season, if possible.

    “As a human being, you obviously want to, you hope to get it done before the season, obviously,’’ said Cruz, who caught the game-winning 77-yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning with 1:13 remaining last Sunday to beat the Redskins 27-23. “We don’t want to drag it along and become something that blocks the team in the off-season and something that is in the media every day. We want to just knock it out halfway through the season or during the season at the very least and get it behind us.’’ Read more...

    Rolle: Giants Will Show Cowboys "Who Is The Better Team"

    Excerpt: "This time will be different.

    So says Antrel Rolle, the Giants free safety, who believes the rematch with the Cowboys will not have the same ending as the 24-17 season-opening loss back on Sept. 5.

    “We didn’t like losing that first game, at home, all the bright lights shined on us and they came here and whupped our butt, fair and square,’’ Rolle said Tuesday on his weekly WFAN spot. “They were definitely the better team that night and we will show them who is the better team come Sunday night.’’

    Looking back on that opening loss – the first time a Super Bowl champion lost the opener since the NFL went to a mid-week debut featuring the defending champs – Rolle said the Giants got beat, no doubt about it.

    “We’re gonna go in and we’re gonna play ball,’’ Rolle said of Sunday’s game at Cowboys Stadium. “We owe those guys, that first game of the season I don’t think we were playing Giants football at all. I think we’ve gotten back to somewhat playing Giants football and trying to get this win streak going a little bit.’’

    The Giants have heard many times now how Cowboys owner Jerry Jones early in the summer promised team boosters his team would “beat the Giants’ asses’’ when they played this season at Cowboys Stadium. Rolle is not impressed." Read more...

    Cowboys Lose MLB Lee

    Excerpt: "The Cowboys will be without one of their most valuable and important defensive players on Sunday when they face the Giants, as middle linebacker Sean Lee is done for the season and needs surgery on his right big toe, according to numerous reports.
    Lee was injured in the third quarter of the Cowboys’ 19-14 victory in Carolina." Read more...



    Giants At Cowboys: A Look Ahead

    Excerpt: "Giants (5-2) at Cowboys (3-3)

    At Cowboys Stadium

    Sunday, 4:25 p.m.

    TV: Ch. 5; Radio: WFAN-AM 660

    Early line: Giants by 1

    The Giants are in a good spot atop the NFC East, but they can’t afford to lose this one. Here’s why: another defeat to the Cowboys and a win by the Eagles over undefeated Atlanta would leave Big Blue just a half-game up and all three would be tied in the loss column. Combine that with the fact that the Cowboys would hold a tiebreaker over the reigning Super Bowl champs by virtue of the regular-season sweep and the Eagles already have beaten the Giants once, and this game carries with it even more importance than the last two.

    In the spotlight

    Giants QB Eli Manning: While Justin Tuck has made it clear he hates the Cowboys, there is no doubting Manning loves to see them on the opposite side of the field. The two-time Super Bowl MVP has made a career out of dominating the Dallas defense, completing 61 percent of his passes for 4,228 yards, 34 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. After throwing two interceptions before his 77-yard winning strike to Victor Cruz, Manning will need a better performance on the road in Big D." Read more...







    Inside the Numbers: QB Manning's TD Pass

    Excerpt: "The stunning, thrilling and unforgettable play the Giants used to defeat the Washington Redskins Sunday occurs less than once a year in the NFL.

    Oh, quarterbacks and receivers hook up for numerous long completions, such as the pass Eli Manning threw to Victor Cruz, who turned it into the 77-yard touchdown that gave the Giants their first NFC East victory of the season, 27-23. But very few of them occur with only 1:13 remaining in the fourth quarter, as the Giants’ play did.

    According to the Elias Sports Bureau, that was just the eighth game-winning touchdown of 77 or more yards in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime since the start of the 2000 season. And two of them took place this season. On Sept. 23, Jacksonville quarterback Blaine Gabbert threw an 80-yard touchdown pass to Cecil Shorts with 45 seconds remaining in Indianapolis to give the Jaguars a 22-17 victory over the Colts.

    Manning’s pass to Cruz was the longest game-winning touchdown in the final two minutes of a fourth quarter in Giants history. To find the Giants’ previous long game-winning score so late in a game, you have to travel back 59 years, to Nov. 1, 1953. On that date Arnie Galiffa threw a 75-yard pass to Kyle Rote with seven seconds remaining to give the Giants a 23-20 victory over the Chicago Cardinals in Wrigley Field." Read more...

    GIANTS 101

    Giants' Victor Cruz Would Like A New Contract Before End Of Season

    Excerpt: "The New York Giants are fortunate that wideout Victor Cruz elected to play this season for $540,000. It's not everyday that a guy who breaks his team's franchise record for receiving yards in a single season is willing to come back and play the next year for pennies on the dollar compared to his fair market value. While playing for cheap in 2012 may be a courtesy to an organization that gave him a chance to become the dominant player Cruz has transformed into, the Giants are going to have to pay No. 80 before the start of next season. " Read more...

    Giants' Mark Herzlich Being Groomed for MLB Of The Future

    Excerpt: "New York Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich has not seen a lot of playing time this season. Despite a productive preseason and rumblings that he could take over at the starting middle linebacker position sooner rather than later, Herzlich has taken a backseat to teammate Chase Blackburn for the first seven games of 2012. Although Herzlich's lack of playing time is surprising, one would have a hard time finding a place for him within the Giants deep linebacker core. As the saying goes, don't fix something that's not broken.

    The New York Giants defense has improved over the last two weeks. After holding Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers offense to three points, Big Blue forced four turnovers against the Washington Redskins to eek out a 27-23 victory. Perhaps the most influential turnover of the game came in the final minute, as Giants middle linebacker Chase Blackburn stripped Santana Moss of the football and effectively ended the game. Despite some blown coverages at time this season, Blackburn has played better than expected so far through 2012." Read more...



    Coughlin: Giants "Didn't Deserve To Win" Season Opener

    Excerpt: "New York Giants' coach Tom Coughlin said Wednesday that the Giants "didn't play as well as we hoped to play" in a season-opening loss to the Dallas Cowboys and "didn't deserve to win."

    Coughlin is probably right about that. The Giants get there chance to atone for that Sunday when they travel to Dallas, where Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones has promised fans that the Giants are in for a butt-kicking.

    The Giants enter the game 5-2 and leading the NFC East. Dallas is 3-3.

    [Full Coughlin press conference]"


    Giants By The Numbers: Eli Manning Is Pretty Good

    Excerpt: "Here are a few nuggets from the New York giants PR department for your reading enjoyment.

    - Eli Manning leads the NFL in passing yards with 2,109. At that pace he would throw for 4,820 yards this season.

    - Manning's game-winning 77-yard pass to Victor Cruz on Sunday was the longest game-winning touchdown pass in the final two minutes of a game in Giants' franchise history." Read more...

    Giants vs. Cowboys: Early Look At Critical Game

    Excerpt: "The New York Giants (5-2) meet the Dallas Cowboys (3-3) Sunday in Texas in a key NFC East game. For the Giants the game is an opportunity to increase their lead in the division, and get payback for the Cowboys' season-opening victory. For Dallas, it is a chance to make good on owner Jerry Jones' offseason promise that the Cowboys would "beat the Giants' ***" at Cowboys Stadium this season.

    "It's a division game for us. We understand that it's a division opponent and we have to be ready to play," said Giants' wide receiver Victor Cruz. "They always play up for us. Giants vs. Cowboys is always a big game, so we want to come in and match their level of intensity." Read more...

    Chase Blackburn: Helping or Hurting The Giants' Defense?

    Excerpt: "One of the most polarizing topics regarding the New York Giants these days revolves around the performance of middle linebacker Chase Blackburn.

    Is Blackburn's perceived lack of athleticism and ability physically dominate the line of scrimmage killing the Giants, especially in run defense?

    Does Blackburn's intelligence, knowledge of the intricacies of the Giants' defense and his ability to get both himself and kis teammates lined up properly help the Giants' defense more than any lack of physical skills might be detrimental?

    How long is Blackburn going to keep the middle linebacker seat warm for Mark Herzlich, anyway?

    So, let's discuss Blackburn.

    Traditional statistics tell us that Blackburn actually leads the Giants in tackles with 42. He has two sacks, two forced fumbles (both Sunday vs. the Washington Redskins) and an interception. So, those raw numbers are not bad.

    Pro Football Focus
    , though, would have us believe that Blackburn is the weak link in the Giants' defense. He is, by far, the lowest-graded player in the PFF +/- system, with a score of -14.7 for season, including what looks like an awful -11.2 score vs. the run." Read more...

    Giants' Roster Power Rankings From 1 - 53, Week 8

    Excerpt: "Here are this week's New York Giants' roster power rankings. If you haven't seen these before we are ranking the roster from 1-53. The most important factor in these rankings is this season's performance, though a player's career body of work is also a factor.

    1. Eli Manning -- More fourth-quarter heroics for Manning. of course, those followed him giving Giants' fans indigestion first. LW: 1

    2. Victor Cruz -- Jason Pierre-Paul was exactly right. Thank God for Victor Cruz. LW: 3

    3. Ahmad Bradshaw -- Arguments with Tom Coughlin aside, Bradshaw's toughness typifies what the giants are all about. LW: 2

    4. Jason Pierre-Paul -- The numbers aren't huge for JPP, but the last two weeks have been much more like what we expect from the Giants best defensive player. LW: 5

    5. Hakeem Nicks -- His impact the past two weeks may not entirely justify this spot, I know. This, however, is me saying simply that Nicks is one of the top five players on this team and his talent means he belongs here.

    6. Linval Joseph -- Yes, I think Joseph's performance thus far justifies moving him this high. LW: 7

    7. Will Beatty -- Not his best week, but Beatty has been terrific overall. LW: 4

    8. Michael Boley -- Pro Football Focus gave Boley a negative score (-1.5) for Sunday. I thought Boley made several excellent plays.

    9. Antrel Rolle -- A quiet game for Rolle on Sunday. LW: 6

    10. Chris Snee -- Playing better than he has in a couple of seasons. LW: 8" Read more...

    Reasons to Celebrate: Eli and the Fourth Quarter

    Excerpt: "There were just under two minutes left and the Washington Redskins were leading the New York Giants, 23-20. With the way the rookie quarterbackRobert Griffin III was playing, it looked as if the Redskins had this game locked up. That is until Eli Manning had something to say about it.

    Manning put on his usual 4th quarter performance and proved once again that games are never actually over until the clock reads 00:00. Despite throwing two interceptions, the second of which could have put the Giants in jeopardy, Manning kept his cool and continued to prove that he's the best in the fourth quarter.

    "Dealing with adversity is a very, very strong suit of his," said coach Tom Coughlin. "He came right out, I walked up to him and said, 'OK, the next play is the most important play, forget that one.' I think he's already done that. He's already digested all of that and on to the next play and looks forward to it, actually looks forward to being in that kind of situation, which is a strong point." Read more...







    Giants' Team Grades: Week 7 vs. Washington Redskins

    Excerpt: "Sunday, October 21st 2012

    Final Score: Washington Redskins 23 New York Giants: 27

    Giants Team Grades

    It wasn’t the prettiest of games, but the Giants were able to pull out the win against the Redskins Sunday afternoon 27-23 for their first division victory of the season. The Giants witnessed what makes Redskins new quarterback Robert Griffin III so special, but in the end saw what makes their own quarterback in Eli Manning one of the best in the NFL.

    Passing Offense Grade: B-

    Eli Manning had a rough go at it for most of the game against the Redskins, struggling for the better part of the game. The Redskins have given Manning problems throughout his career, has they are the only team that Manning has more interceptions thrown than touchdowns with at least 5 games played against; that trend continued Sunday when Manning threw two interceptions compared to one touchdown.Manning missed Victor Cruz in the first half for what would have been a touchdown and later over threw him on a bomb again. But they connected when it mattered with less than two minutes left in the game, when they connected for a 77-yard game winning touchdown. Martellus Bennett and Hakeem Nicks did some damage as well, both reeling in five receptions.

    Rushing Offense Grade: C+

    It was tough sledding for the Giants running game against the Redskins, as they were able to only total 64 yards on 19 attempts. The workload for Ahmad Bradshaw was limited, as he gained 43 yards on 12 carries and scoring one touchdown. Bradshaw was visibly upset at points in the game, getting into heated conversations with head coach Tom Coughlin and running backs coach Jerald Ingram.
    Andre Brown returned to the lineup after a one week absence because of a concussion and scored a touchdown of his own to go along with his 17 yards on five rushes." Read more...









    Giants' Martellus Bennett Jokes Tony Romo

    Excerpt: "Martellus Bennett apparently loves to tell a good Tony Romo joke. The New York Giants"tight end made an appearance Wednesday on Good Morning Americato talk football and practice his short-range catching ability. When co-host Dave Price threw a football across the set that bounced short of his intended target, it reminded Bennett of his former teammate.

    "Kinda looked like Tony Romo throwing that ball," Bennett said, via

    He repeated himself when asked to clarify."
    Victor Cruz Hoping For New Giants Contract This Season

    Excerpt: "Victor Cruz is the best bargain in the NFL.

    In exchange for the (relatively) meager sum of $577,000, the New York Giants own the rights to one of the league's most explosive playmakers.

    For evidence, look no further than Sunday afternoon at the Meadowlands, where Cruz blew past theWashington Redskins secondary for his 77-yard touchdown reception late in the fourth quarter. Cruz lifted his team to victory and scrapped a week's worth of RG3 puff pieces with one dynamic play." Read more...

    Victor Cruz Focusing on Game, Not Tiny Giants' Contract

    Excerpt: "Guess what? Victor Cruz isn't going away.

    The New York Giants receiver leads the team and ranks third in the league with 50 receptions through seven games. He's on pace for 114 catches, 1,433 yards and 16 touchdowns in just his second season as a starter.

    These numbers don't align with his puny contract. Cruz is making just $540,000 this year, and there's little talk -- beyond hints from the team -- of a new deal. He becomes a restricted free agent in 2013.

    "I just kind of want to block it out," Cruz told Bob Glauber of Newsday on Monday. "I feel like if I start thinking about it, it will start consuming me, and I don't want it to get that way. I just want to block it out and focus on football, and I think I've been doing a good job of that." Read more...





    Should Eli Manning Be The MVP Front-Runner?

    Excerpt: "
    Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, Rob Parker and Eric Mangini debate if Eli Manning should be the front-runner for MVP." WATCH VIDEO

    Victor Cruz Seeking New Deal

    Excerpt: "Victor Cruz
    hopes the New York Giants will rework his contract at some point before the end of the season.

    The Giants' playmaking receiver is in the final season of his contract worth $540,000. He will be a restricted free agent after the season.

    "I'm just in a position right now where I'm just focused on football," Cruz said on WFAN during his weekly spot. "I have people, my agents and things like that, to worry about that stuff. But as a human being, you obviously want to ... you hope you get it done before the season's over, obviously."

    Cruz has maintained all year that he wants to focus on football and not let his contract become a distraction. He also has tried to keep his contract status from becoming an issue.

    The wide receiver broke out last season with 82 receptions for 1,536 yards and nine touchdowns. This season, Cruz has remained hot with 50 receptions for 627 yards and seven touchdowns. He had seven catches for 131 yards and the game-winning 77-yard touchdown against Washington on Sunday.

    He's hoping that all the big plays will lead to a new deal before season's end." Read more...

    Giants-Cowboys Point Spread

    Excerpt: "
    Eric Mangini, Tim Hasselbeck, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss Dallas being favored by one point over New York." WATCH VIDEO

    Giants Seeking Revenge vs. Dallas Cowboys

    Excerpt: "
    The New York Giants barely have had time to catch their breath from trying to outlast super rookie Robert Griffin III.

    And now they must focus their attention toward Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys for what will undoubtedly be another hotly contested and mentally, physically draining NFC East battle.

    Payback will be on the minds of several Giants this week as they head to Cowboys Stadium where Jerry Jones invited Dallas fans to "watch us beat the New York Giants' ***" earlier this summer.

    "Obviously, Dallas beat us the first week of the season and we're definitely looking for get-back," Antrel Rolle said. "We're definitely looking for some get-back at this point in time."

    It has been an emotional three weeks for the Giants. The defending world champs were highly motivated to smother the San Francisco 49ers in an NFC Championship Game rematch. Then last Sunday, the Giants escaped -- as Osi Umenyiora succinctly put it -- a 12-round bout with RG3 and the Redskins that went down to the final two minutes." Read more...



    Week 7 Power Rankings

    Except: "1. Falcons (five first-place votes): They’ll have to wait until January to exorcise their playoff demons. For now, they’ll have to settle for another crack at further erasing the memory of Mike Vick.

    2. Giants: The schedule gets difficult now, which is good for a team that can’t get focused when it’s time to play inferior foes.

    3. Bears: A week after Cam Newton broke out the term “sweetheart,” the Bears could be calling him slightly stronger names.

    4. Texans: The blowout of the Ravens was a welcome bottle of Listerine for that mouthful of Limburger.

    5. 49ers: The nagging feeling that Alex Smith can’t take this team where it wants to go won’t go away.

    6. Packers: With Jacksonville and Arizona heading to Lambeau Field, do the next two weeks qualify as preseason games?

    7. Patriots: The Pats are blowing fourth-quarter leads like it’s Super Bowl XLVI. Or Super Bowl XLII.

    8. Seahawks: Russell Wilson can take this team a lot farther than anyone realizes. Especially once they get guys who can catch his passes on a consistent basis.

    9. Ravens: Joe Flacco really is a top-five quarterback. In his division.

    10. Vikings: Enjoy the ride while it lasts. After Bears-Packers-Bears, it’ll be over." Read more...















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    thanks Ro.....
    "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
    You couldn't be more full of **** if you were break dancing in a Port-a-Potty.......Kruunch


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      thanks Ro.....
      You aee welcome
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        What a way to finish the first half of the season by playing the Cowturds in their place . I can't believe we are at midpoint already , going so fast. Thanks RF !
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          thanks for the news Roanoke!


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            Originally posted by G-Men Surg. View Post
            What a way to finish the first half of the season by playing the Cowturds in their place . I can't believe we are at midpoint already , going so fast. Thanks RF !
            Let's change playing to beating
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              thanks for the news Roanoke!
              You're welcome
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                Let's change playing to beating
                Either way ( hope of course in Giants doing the whooping ) its going to be a dandy. Great news hearing Big Blue is getting healthier.
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                  Rolle is on a roll.
                  It is great to be a Giant fan now-this really is a "golden age". Really unique chemistry with this team.

                  Thanks for the news.


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                    Either way ( hope of course in Giants doing the whooping ) its going to be a dandy. Great news hearing Big Blue is getting healthier.
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                      Originally posted by Old Giant View Post
                      Rolle is on a roll.
                      It is great to be a Giant fan now-this really is a "golden age". Really unique chemistry with this team.

                      Thanks for the news.
                      We could be on the verge of a repeat
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                        Thanks bro.

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                          Thanks bro.
                          You're welcome
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