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One more look at the Skin's game

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  • One more look at the Skin's game

    Checked out the game for the third time. I have to say the Skins are a lot better than I thought they were. They definitely have talent gaps in some places, but still a tough group.

    What I was most surprised about was that the Giants played a lot better than I first thought. We only had 3 penalties. The problem was, the timing on them could not have been worse. Some missed tackles, and over running some plays hurt a lot too. Offensive game plan was actually very sound. Eli had an off day for him. The plays were there. We just didn't execute. All in all, not a great game, but nearly as bad as it first seemed. A lot of small errors were magnified because of their timing. Definitely need to iron out the problems for this week. If we do, the Giants roll.
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    Eli was off and we still won so I'm happy. What I'm concerned about is that run defense. Can you say marshmallow?
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      Yeah, I was out of market, so that NFL Replay was my first actual LOOK at the game. I'm not sure exactly how many plays were cut out for time constraints, but I've got to be honest - the way this board looked you would have thought Eli played like Matt Cassel. IT WASN'T THAT BAD. He missed VC in the end zone which hurt badly. He missed Bennett on a couple, but my God, it wasn't that bad people. The defense against the run, specifically the rookie running back A. Morris (?), was much more disappointing to me.


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        Yeah, saw the game tonight on rewind & it was no where as bad as some fans were making it out to be in the game forum. Eli had an off day & we still won. D got bent, but didn't break & we won the all important TO war. We'll be better prepared to deal with them on Dec 3rd. Don't expect it to be as close, 2nd time around. Eli will lite them up!