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Thank King Joffrey that we have "Aww shucks Eli" & not "Suggestion Box Superman"

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  • Thank King Joffrey that we have "Aww shucks Eli" & not "Suggestion Box Superman"

    I used King Joffrey instead of "God" since Im agnostic, and am a Game of Thrones fanatic, but that is neither here nor there.

    Eli was ridiculed for his Awww shucks demeanor when he struggled. But now that he has 2 rings, and is 4th quarter comeback legend already, the "aww shucks" is now regarded as calm, collected, cool, ice in the veins stoic composure that is perfect for the NY spotlight. No ****. US Giants fans who have supported Eli from the beginning knew his equinimity and composure even in the most difficult of situations suited this coach, team, and town to the T. And we were right. Who better than Easy E? Since 2004, we've been spoiled. But even during the struggles, in the back of our minds we knew he'd figure it out and get through the adversity. Hot head Philly Rivers wouldve been the Ryan Leaf of New York had he stayed here.

    With that being said, seeing Cam Newton in his struggles is down right embarrassing. I actually thought he was going to struggle mightily like many of the other experts coming out of college. He really shocked me with his numbers, and how well he executed quarterbacking in the pros. I thought he would be lost. But he always struck me as smug, arrogant, and a prima donna. It's basically his genration as well. ITs hard to explain but you know when you just see it in peoples faces? Like a sense of entitlement and instant gratification.

    And guess what? Cam is facing adversity, and the dude is clueless and lost. I mean, I almost want to leave the room when Cam Newton is having a press conference. "I don't know man. Maybe we should set up a suggestion box. I dont' know man. I don't like this feeling." No **** Cam. Thanks for the insights.

    Get a grip Superman. All I know is thank you whoever you are higher power, thank you for putting Eli in Giant Blue.

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    No one can do it better then Eli.


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      This is the reason a guy like Phillip Rivers would have never made it here. He is too much of a spark plug and too emotional. The media would have ruined him.


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        I'm gonna leave this thread alone. Sense of entitlement lol.


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          of all higher powers, why king Joffrey? LOL

          Nice post. Cam Newton makes me want to puke when he speaks.


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            Originally posted by BurnerNYG View Post
            I'm gonna leave this thread alone. Sense of entitlement lol.


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              Cam's press conference cracks me up. What a pathetic child, can't own up to the fact that he's clearly not playing well and simply won't say that he and the team need to play better. Just a lot of "I don't know man....I just don't know man..Something gotta change though man..." Then the suggestion box comment which is just hilarious that he said that and again can't simply say they need to be better. Nah I'm Superman, I'm so good I couldn't possibly be doing anything wrong. What a pathetic 'professional'