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  • I do not say this much but

    The refs were really trying hard to give the cowboys that game. I mean on that last PI in the endzone they actually had to go and pick up that flag. That never happens! A ref throws a PI flag and then other refs come over and pick it up. Besides that the Bradshaw spots were horrible and every time we touched miles austin they threw a flag. Meanwhile the Dallas CB's were riding our players like bulls.

    I mean whatever the Giants D was not good but really the refs called so many ticky tack flags on us. But they did miss the defenceless on cruz, but later missed the one later in the game on the Rolle tackle where he left his feet.
    Just remember Kevin Love makes more money then OBJ, and OBJ also dunks better.

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    it was fair, all fans think refs pick a side. im sure cowpat fans think the refs missed the helmet to helmet on whitten and dez td should have been upheld since that was the call on the field.


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      on a coupla replays i thought pass interference couldve been call in each one! i mean the cowboys were holding, arm barring and everything else!

      personally i think the refs did miss a few but they called a good game imo!


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        we didn't execute cause otherwise those calls don't even matter ...


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          refing was equal parts good/bad for both sides. they're human.