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6-2 !!! Ya know what comes next???

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  • 6-2 !!! Ya know what comes next???

    Now I don't want to be negative but after 6-2 which we seem to get to almost every year, this thing happens.... we hit a wall and we crash. Now I'm just gonna say brace yourselves because after 6-2 the G-men like to crash, and crash hard. Enjoy the week because we might see another dive this season. Then IF we turn it around and get hot at the end we will win the Superbowl. With all this said, I hope next game we win and break the 6-2 wall.

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    I know what you mean, but in 2007 and last year it worked fine for Big Blue!


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      i see the offense slumping already, by mid november we normally slide . hope the coaches can change something


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        Yeah but our whole division has a hard schedule .... we have a 3 game cushion .... which helps


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          Great points I'm not saying it doesn't work out in the end, but this story line is quite typical. I would just like to see no crash this time cause the crash always puts me through such stress :/


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            Today's game was a portrait of these 6-2 start seasons. Fast start, then hitting a slump and coming around in the end.