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  • Herzlich/ Rivers/ Sash

    Chase definitely did not look like a guy who had a minor injury (hammy) - maybe he is back this week but if not its gonna be herzlichs time. He came in and called the plays but they also rotated rivers and paysinger in more and more as well. Still Herzlich would start at MLB - be interesting to see how he holds it down.

    My hope is that KP is back next week with Rolle having a potential concussion but if not sash will get some time. HIll back the week after.

    Lots of people have been waiting for Herzlich to take this spot anyway - now may be his time.

    I think hill is the answer at saftey but sash may get a turn.

    Wallace can tear the coverage off any coverage so the safeties better be ready.

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    We have got to bring kiwi down to end to help that rotatin. Rivers needs to take Kiwis spot at lb not because hes better but because our dline needs soooooo much help.


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      4 sacks today and one given back for a ticky tack foul - so much help? seems like an overreaction.


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        When Kiwi plays down, he brings a lot of pressure and does a damn good job against the run. D-line can use the help. A good rotation keeps them fresh, and makes it harder for O-lines to pick up tendencies.
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          Yeah he is rotating on on passing downs - with hand in the dirt - and with rivers healthy we may see kiwi get more time in that spot in the base. But for now kiwi is the base LB.


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            I think the DL is fine now with Canty back. Keep Kiwi back


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              Kiwi is a more natural end and rivers is more athletic and can stay on the field for passing downs - but they are not gonna replace osi with kiwi just yet - perhaps he starts moving into a rotation in the base but it wont happen all at once - not the giants way - if osi leaves next year - most likely - kiwi will finally be an end- in my opinion. With rivers/ paysinger/ herz seeing more time.


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                next man up

                we've been turning people over like crazy, which is huge, biggest stat in football is turnover margin

                stopped the run today

                but Romo can play and to his credit he got some things going ... that's the NFL .... teams don't just curl up in the fetal position b/c their behind a couple scores .... we certainly don't, so why should other teams

                but in the end, we did enough to win, just enough, but this is not figure skating ... style points are meaningless .... Ws are everything
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                  The line was effective against the run, I agree that call on Hosely was "ticky tack" more like BS, but Canty blew up Romo on that play. Think the line played pretty well, got good pressure. Whitten and the other TEs killed us.