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Anyone else lack confidence in this D on 4th downs

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  • Anyone else lack confidence in this D on 4th downs

    This team gives up way to many 3rd and 4th down conversions. Just when most teams would punt or take the 3 point try it's almost automatic to go for it knowing this. Is it because KP is out, maybe because Webster,Osi,Tuck and the entire LB core needs to be released to revamped, come on lb's you know Witten is going to run right behind where you line up, how many times must it happen before you realize it. This defense sucks, it's not even close to average there so far behind average it's scary.

    Does anyone question if romo will throw it in the 4th quarter when he already tore up the secondary with over 400 yards and 60+ passes on the day, I didn't and I know some of you were thinking like me calling plays unfolding before your eye's yelling how do i know this and the players/coaches don't.

    Excellent game plan by TC, never give up on the run I truly love it. poor, very poor play by the players.

    I don't have a clue how this team keeps pulling out victories, when they get out played every week.

    Perry is great at getting guys to be in position for turnovers, but he is terrible at adjusting when the opponent figures out how to move the ball.

    I saw players today high five and so on after dallas converted a 3rd down, 3 men. If there was three why wasn't one in the front of the receiver breaking up the pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does this team know how to play press coverage and stay with the man and is everything ****ing prevent d.

    Webster has to go, he sucks a lot.

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    You could not have ever played nor coached a down of football.


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      Ny giants defense are 5 for 10 on 4th downs this year.
      That's 50% avg sounds good to me.
      Franky before you cut up the D learn the stats and then you won't sound like a knob.
      Knowledge is power

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        Offense can't keep putting the D on the field after 3 and out series. That said I don't know how these WR are getting behind the D with seconds left in the game. Last week was a major screw up and this week we where saved by a couple of fingers. That was a long 10 seconds.


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          I'll keep saying this we couldn't stop Whitten and the rest of the Dallas TE corps. When they watch the game tape they are going to be sick....


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            actually i like when our D makes it 4th down for our opponent
            Apologize to Melo 5