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  • Defense ??

    I expected a lot more from this group.

    loose coverage all night. Webby how do you let him get behind you with such little time left ??? How many years in the league now and coaches are you not coaching these players up in these situations ? it happened last week with Moss getting behind Hosley.

    Overall the pass defense was bad. Sadly we took away or dallas took a way there own running game meaning they were 1 dimensional for the night ! yet we should have responded better.

    Pass rush wasnt terrible but was inconsistent.

    How many times do I watch Romo just pick his spots so easily. It was too easy.
    Witten for 7, 1 on 1 go to Austin, back to Witten back to Austin etc etc.

    Now on watching our Offense I thought we struggled the whole night and Cowboys D owned our offense. We have Cruz, Nicks, Bennett etc and we did nothing. Yet Romo picked us apart easily.

    Anyways I expected a little more from our defense it just seems were not on same page or calling the right defenses or players are not playing there spots. How many times do you see 1 of our corners think he has help only to see he checks him off to no one and the Wr is going for easy 6 or for huge gain. Every week it seems.
    Glad we won but I hope this was the fact our emotion level wasnt up as much as the cowboys.

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    Yes what bothered me is that a lot of the completions to Whitten were after Romo went through all his reads and didn't even have to rush the throws to him.

    Seriously I have much more confidence in the offense being able to get it together vs all of a sudden the D being able to NOT give up long sustained drives.